Vladimir Putin’s blunt warning for the US: ‘It will be a completely different war’

As the Russian leader is visiting China in the week of 16 October, worries about the tensions between Russia, China and the United States are intensifying.

Vladimir Putin Joe Biden China Russia War
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Vladimir Putin Joe Biden China Russia War

Vladimir Putin arrived in China this morning (17 October) for a state visit which aims to show the ‘trust’ and ‘no-limits’ partnership between the two countries as the Ukraine War isolates Russia from the international community.

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This state visit is a major event as in March 2023, an arrest warrant was issued by the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC). Luckily for Putin, China is not part of the ICC, otherwise they would have a duty to arrest him and take him to The Hague for trial.

The anticipated event is highlighting the complex relationship between Russia, China and the United States.

Putin’s visit to China

Reuters reports that this visit will include the Belt and Road forum with an ‘official reception’ with leaders of countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Mongolia.

This forum was created by Chinese President Xi about ten years ago. When he launched it, Xi was hoping that it ‘would build global infrastructure and energy networks connecting Asia with Africa and Europe through overland and maritime routes.’

So far, the strongest relationship to come out of this initiative has been the one between Russia and China.

Putin is asked about a war with the United States

This all started when a bipartisan panel appointed by the US Congress said on 12 October that the US should prepare for a possible war with both China and Russia. Moreover, the United States, Britain and Australia created a security alliance which, for Putin, was a sign that these countries ‘stoked tensions with Beijing.’

Putin also stressed that Russia and China were, in no way, working on a military alliance. Talking to a journalist on Sunday 14 October, Putin said that thoughts of war between Russia, China and the United States were unhealthy.

I don't think these are healthy thoughts in the minds of healthy people, because to say that the United States is preparing for war with Russia, well we are all preparing for war because we follow the ancient principle: if you want peace, get ready for war

Putin added,

Moreover, to fight with both Russia and China, it is nonsense - I don't think it is serious. I think they are just scaring each other.

Reuters explains that the closeness between Russia and China is ‘one of the most intriguing geopolitical developments of recent years’ which justifies why Western countries are watching carefully.

Circling back to the idea of a war between the three powerful countries, Putin gave a stark warning.

if they want to fight with Russia then it will be a completely different war - it will not be carrying out a special military operation
If we talk about a war between great nuclear powers, then it would be a completely different story. I don't think that people in their right minds can think about such a thing, but if such a thought does come to them then it can only cause us to be wary.

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