UK and the West warned of 'attack' from this country, and it's not Russia: Here's what we know

There are concerns that the UK and the West is being distracted by Russia's war in Ukraine and we're not aware of another threat...

UK and the West could be at risk of an attack from this country
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UK and the West could be at risk of an attack from this country

Recent reports have suggested that it’s not Russia or China the UK should be weary of but rather Iran.

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After Russia, it's Iran we should worry about next

According to The Telegraph, in recent years, British security officials have ranked Russia as the most hostile country that threatens the UK's national wellbeing, with China a close second. Meanwhile, threats posed by Iran, North Korea, and militant Islamist groups have been seen as less pressing while still requiring close monitoring.

However, now security circles regard Iran as posing the second most serious threat to the UK, revealing how much the country has developed its military strength while the rest of the world has been distracted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Reassessing the threat

In a commentary in from The Telegraph, their Defence Editor Con Coughlin has warned that Iran is 'gearing up' to attack the UK and the West.

He states that Western security officials have been forced to reassess the threat posed by Iran. This comesafter the concerning revelation that the country can now amass enough material for a nuclear bomb in 'about 12 days', as reported by a top US Defence Department official cited by The Telegraph.

Last year, in congressional testimony, US intelligence warned Iran is 'becoming more aggressive and more capable in their nefarious activity than ever before' and could 'could attack the United States 'with little to no warning''. FBI Director Christopher Wray said:

They employ a growing range of tactics to advance their interests and to harm the United States.

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Iran's support of Russia

In addition, the journalist adds that Iran’s increasingly hostile attitude towards the West is evident from its support of Russia during its war in Ukraine, where Iranian drones have been used in numerous attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure.

US national security officials have warned that Iran intends to increase its military support by supplying ballistic missiles, in addition to the large amounts of bullets, rockets, and mortar shells it has already been providing to aid Russian troops.

Iran a 'clear and immediate threat' to the UK

Simultaneously, there is also evidence of Iran's growing low-level terrorist activities in Europe. According to The Telegraph, specifically it is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who are 'responsible for exporting the regime’s violence' and are a 'clear and immediate threat' to the UK. In 2022, M15 reported that the group was involved in the attempted kidnap and killing of UK-based individuals.

So, what can be done? Stephen Crabb from The Telegraph calls for proscription, that is criminalising the IRGC, describing the failure to do so as 'indefensible'. According to Crabb, proscription would restrict the group's activities in Britain, disrupting funding streams and diminishing its attempts to encourage home-grown extremism.

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