UK citizens 'in shock' as they claim to have spotted nuclear weapons being transported on a highway

Drivers on the M40 highway in the UK were stunned this Sunday afternoon when they spotted a secretive green military convoy which is believed to have contained nuclear warheads.

UK nuclear missiles spotted in transit on a highway
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UK nuclear missiles spotted in transit on a highway

The UK has reportedly moved some of its nuclear warhead stockpiles. This after the heightened nuclear rhetoric between the west and Vladimir Putin, and the calls of Russian media to nuke the UK.

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Heightened alert

According to The Sun, the tensions with Russia and Vladimir Putin have reached ‘fever pitch’ over Ukraine, which is why the UK and other NATO allies are taking precautions.
This might explain the military convoy, supposedly a nuclear warhead transport across a UK highway.

It is believed that huge military trucks of the Mercedes brand with green colour but without any insignia contain nuclear warheads. Whether or not these particular vehicles were transporting nuclear weapons will probably never be disclosed, but it sure left citizens in shock.

Ian, a spectator who was driving to work said, as quoted by The Sun:

I was shocked to see that. It was the amount that they were stopping the traffic for and the amount of delay. It was all really big.
It felt like they are going through the motions for war. I didn't know what it was but I assume it was warheads. I can't see it being anything else with that level of protection.

In this case, the transport took place in the middle of the day accompanied by a strong police presence, and commuters were stopped for more than a half-a-mile to clear the road.

Nuclear threats

The Ukraine War is entering its eighth month this week, and throughout this period Russian President Vladimir Putinhas warned the west against their meddling in Ukraine. He has publicly threatened the west, and it looks like he will not stop at anything to defend his interests including the use of nuclear weapons.

UK nuclear missiles spotted in transit on a highway KONTROLAB / Contributeur

Over the past couple of days, Russian authorities claimed that Ukraine is planning to detonate a ‘dirty bomb’ in Russian territory. As a result, Moscow has put weapons of mass destruction (WMD) forces on alert on Monday to respond to a potential chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons attack, Politico reports.

As a response, western heads of defense dismissed Moscow’s claims and warned that Russia might use this pretext to escalate further the conflict.

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