Britain would be a terrifying place if WW3 broke out, political scientist reveals what would happen

Professor Anthony Glees has pointed out that WW3 could have already begun.

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The UK is a very safe place to live, and it makes it easy to forget that there are many conflicts taking place every day all over the world. Usually, Brits have the luxury of keeping any thoughts about war at arm’s length, with a recognition but not an active fear. However, Professor Anthony Glees from the University of Buckingham has said that a third world war is entirely possible in an exclusive with Mirror.

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This comes after Putin’s explosive interview with Tucker Carlson was aired on Thursday 8 February during which he talked about the possible expansion of his war against Ukraine. If the war were to turn nuclear, Prof Glees said:

If the next war is a nuclear war, it will be up and running in hours and over in hours. There will be no winners, only losers.

He continued: ‘However, if it is, as I believe, not going to be a nuclear war, then not only do things look very different - but it is entirely credible to argue it has already started’. He went on to paint a terrifying picture of what life in the UK could look like if war did reach our small country.

Divide and conquer

Prof Glees said that if Putin wins in Ukraine, and especially if Trump becomes President, the Russian leader ‘will begin to put pressure on all the post-1997 NATO members’. He stated that Putin is already working to ‘subvert our democratic system’ and would ‘give political leverage to those who would support him’.

He would try to stick a wedge between officials and countries, thus weakening their unions. If this didn’t work, he would turn to ‘regular’ war.

Putin could ‘turn out the lights’

The Prof warns that Putin could attack with troops and conventional weapons, starting in the Pyrenees and working his way closer to the UK. As for modern day Britain during a war period, he said:

We would run out of fresh food in days.
A massive Russian cyber attack on our critical national infrastructure would mean we can't get cash out of our bank accounts, we cannot pay bills, we might not get electricity, gas, and - if Putin wanted - he could try to turn out the lights.

He stated that medicine would be scarce and the average person wouldn’t be able to afford fuel so transportation would grind to a halt.

Conscription to boost army numbers

Prof Glees believes that a black market would be born for home-produced food and clothing. Brits would be ‘subject to a curfew to stop looting and nights would be dark to save electricity’. He also reckons that ‘all adults between the ages of 18 and 40, male and single females would be eligible to be drafted’ - something that General Sir Patrick Sander recently floated but has been consistently denied by Number 10.

During Putin’s interview, he claimed that the only reason he would push his war any further would be if Poland attacked Russia. That being said, there is no reason to believe that what he said during this two-hour conversation is the truth.

The Royal Family would flee

Prof Glees claimed that ‘within a year, the UK would become a Russian colony and run like Russia, with a secret police and forced labour camps for anyone showing the least opposition to the Russian regime’.

The Royal Family, he said, would be forced to flee. Somewhat ironically, given the recent drama surrounding Harry’s short-lived visit to his ill father, they would go to Canada. They wouldn’t give up though; according to the Prof, they would ‘try to establish a following from secret bases in Wales and Scotland’.

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