Self-proclaimed 'new Nostradamus' who foresaw Queen's death makes frightening prediction for 2023

A self-proclaimed 'new Nostradamus' from the United Kingdom claims to know exactly what is going to happen this year. What he predicts, however, sounds truly disturbing.

Worse than Ukraine war: 'New Nostradamus' makes frightening predictions
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Worse than Ukraine war: 'New Nostradamus' makes frightening predictions

There are many events that are currently keeping the world on tenterhooks, be it the Ukraine war or the Covid-19 pandemic. In the course of history, there have also been repeated predictions by self-appointed 'prophets' who have claimed to know exactly what will happen in the coming years or even centuries.

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In this context, many people are probably familiar with the French pharmacist, doctor and astrologer Nostradamus, who, according to Mercury , published numerous predictions for the coming centuries in the 16th century. His predictions are ridiculed by many, but feared by others.

Warning of World War III

In the United Kingdom, a man who claims to be the 'new Nostradamus' is now making a name for himself, as both Showbizz Daily and oe24 report. The Briton Craig Hamilton-Parker, who is said to have made correct predictions before, now also claims to have predicted some serious events for this year.

Accordingly, he foresees an 'unintended conflict' in Taiwan that will have serious consequences for the entire world. Specifically, he speaks of events that will trigger World War III - a conflict that will even dwarf the Ukraine war, as oe24 informs.

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Already several correct predictions

The event in question that will trigger this conflict, according to Hamilton-Parker, is supposed to be an 'accident' - an accidental collision of either two submarines or two aircraft. This is to be followed by a conflict involving Russia and China, as Showbizz Daily and oe24 further report. From this war, China will ultimately emerge as a divided country, Hamilton-Parker continues.

The Briton is said to have correctly predicted important events before. For example, the death of the Queen in 2022, as Showbizz Daily reports. However, only time will tell what is ultimately true about his latest predictions.

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