Surgeon reveals her near-death experience helped her through grief of her son's death

This doctor went through a near-death experience which changed her perspective on Heaven and even impacted her own grief as she had lost her son. Here's what happened.

surgeon near-death experience heaven grief son
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surgeon near-death experience heaven grief son

The topic of death has been fascinating humans for as long as we can remember. Whether we are worried about what comes next, or whether there really is an 'afterlife', others worry about what happens before we pass away. A surgeon went through a near-death experience which had a massive impact on her life. She has decided to share her story and how it has changed her perspective on life after death.

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Dr. Mary Neal had a near-death experience

In January 1999, Dr. Mary Neal was out kayaking with some friends in Chile when she went overboard as her kayak got stuck under a rock. Trapped under eight feet of cold water, she struggled to free herself before suddenly feeling calm. As her body gave in to the water, the spinal surgeon decided to pray right before her heart stopped. She told Woman's World:

I’ve always loved the water, but I thought that drowning would be one of the most horrible ways to die — that I’d be be filled with panic, air hunger and struggling. Maybe it was my training as a surgeon, but I felt incredibly calm.

As she 'died', Dr. Neal recalls seeing a 'review' of her life. She explains:

It was the most life-changing part of this entire experience because not only would I re-experience an event from my life in real time, I’d also re-experience it from the perspective of everyone else involved.

'Heaven is real'

Dr. Mary Neal then explains she felt her soul leaving her body, and entering Heaven. Then, Mary felt bathed in love and light, and she felt 'God's love', which was even stronger than the love she felt for her children. She was also surrounded by 'radiant souls' which looked like Northern lights, who told her her time hadn't come yet, but to be prepared as her eight-year-old son would die before reaching adulthood. She told Woman's World:

It was iridescent. All I wanted to do was be there. But as all of that awe-inspiring love flowed through me, my guides told me it wasn’t my time.

In 2009, Dr. Neal's eighteen-year-old son was hit by a car and died immediately. The surgeon explains that despite her heartbreaking grief, she had the unshakable feeling that Willie, her son, would be okay because he was in Heaven, 'where there is no pain'. According to her, Mary's near-death experience ten years earlier helped her through her grief.

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