Pastor claims he saw hell in terrifying near-death experience: 'It was a demon singing'

In 2016, following a heart attack, a pastor had a near-death experience. But it was a nightmare.

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When we speak of near-death experiences, we usually mean pleasant ones. The few people who have the opportunity to experience one report a feeling of absolute well-being, an irresistible bright light and the appearance of deceased loved ones. Yet there are some that provoke a feeling of unease beyond compare, and it's this kind of near-death experience that a pastor has described in a video that has gone viral.

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The following near-death experience took place a few years ago and is not like any other near-death retellings we've heard before. This particular experience was likely traumatic for the pastor. Indeed as a religious man, he had a certain idea of what would happen to him when he eventually would pass on, but his experience ended up being very different to what he had imagined.

A near-death experience in hell

In 2016, Pastor Gerald A. Johnson suffered a heart attack that could well have been fatal. As he felt his strength leave him, this man began to say his prayers. As he is a very religious man, he thought his spirit would be going to heaven. Except that, not everything went according to plan, as he reported:

I thought I was going to heaven because I had done so much good and helped so many people, but I ended up going down and I remember going down into the center of the Earth.

Instead of treading green pastures, Gerald A. Johnson explains that he found himself in the scariest place imaginable:

I heard people screaming in agony all around me and then I just landed there in hell. I did not see fire [...] but I could feel heat all around me. Usually, if it's a dream or something, you wouldn't feel anything but I could feel it.

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Demons doing karaoke on Rihanna?

This near-death experience marked him for life. According to him, he could 'telepathically' understand the suffering of the tormented souls around him, like that of a man with gaunt Freddy Kruger-like skin, walking on all fours and held on a chain by a demon.

Another detail that sounds like something out of Hellraiser, he says he saw fishermen gather to sing songs similar to Rihanna. Except that in his vision of hell, music didn't appease morals - quite the opposite:

Now, I couldn't tell you exactly what song it was, I just knew it was the same music that we sing on Earth and it was a demon singing the music. But every lyric, whatever it was meant to do on Earth it did the opposite in hell.

The end of his near-death experience was less terrifying, according to his testimony, Jesus himself came to speak to him, delivering a message of indescribable depth. This experience had a radical impact on the pastor, who was overcome with tears after being revived.

What happens when you die?

While Gerald Johnson's near-death experience had a positive effect on his life (he says it taught him forgiveness towards people who wronged him), it doesn't mean he literally went to hell, or even that hell exists.

There could be a scientific explanation behind this phenomenon. Experiments have been carried out on the brains of rats when they die. And as the French outlet Le Monde points:

Researchers found that brain activity, far from stopping abruptly due to lack of oxygen, intensified exceptionally in the thirty seconds following cardiac arrest. Brain death would therefore be separated from clinical death by an 'ultimate hurrah' from the brain.

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Man who had a near-death experience reveals what he saw in the afterlife Man who had a near-death experience reveals what he saw in the afterlife