This woman fell to her death moments after being proposed to

This is a tragic story. Mere minutes after agreeing to marry her boyfriend, a young woman stumbled off a cliff

This woman fell to her death moment after being proposed to
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This woman fell to her death moment after being proposed to

What was supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives has turned into pure tragedy. A couple went to Canakkale, in northwest Turkey, for a romantic getaway. Nizamettin G.hadplanned it all: he was going to propose to his girlfriend after a sunset picnic on the region's magnificent cliffs. A place renowned for its beauty, he had chosen to make the moment as magical as possible.

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Turkish police are investigating the accident which comes after people have pointed out how dangerous the spot is. Indeed, even though this is the 'place where everyone comes to watch the sunset' it has been reported that 'the roads are bad and there's no cliffside safety.'

A proposal turned to nightmare

The 39-year-old followed his plan to perfection, getting down on one knee to propose, much to the surprise of Yesim D., his partner. An idyllic engagement for the couple, as she accepted the ring.

In order to celebrate, the groom to be left his fiancée to get something from their car. The New York Post, reports that he 'returned to their car to retrieve the celebratory food and drinks.' What happened next is absolutely blood chilling.

The fiancé told reporters that as he walked away towards his car he 'he heard a blood-curdling scream.' He turned around and that when he realised that his fiancée had just stumbled off the cliff. A fall of over thirty meters.

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The fiancée did not survive

The 30-year-old man rushed to the spot where he had left his fiancée, before discovering her body at the bottom of the cliff and calling for help. If things couldn't get any more tragic, The New York Post explains that Yesim, who was just 38, had initially survived the fall, but was unconscious when help arrived. Despite 45 minutes of several attempts to resuscitate her, the young woman succumbed to shock.

The grieving fiancé explained after the accident:

I chose this place to have a romantic memory after the proposal, We were drinking alcohol and it all happened at once. She lost her balance and fell.

Since then, the place has been closed by the local authorities, then reopened under supervision.

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