This woman was clinically dead for 11 minutes and said she saw both heaven and hell

Charlotte Holmes died and came back with a description of what heaven and hell are really like.

Woman died for 11 minutes
Woman died for 11 minutes

We are all curious about dying. Most of us spend our time trying to be healthy, living a decent and balanced life so that we can enjoy it for as long as possible and - for those that believe in an afterlife - have some form of comfort when it ends. We recently discovered that dying starts 2 weeks before you take your last breath - but not if you suffer a sudden medical emergency.

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That’s what happened to this woman, who was clinically dead for 11 minutes before she came back to Earth and shared what she saw. This is her story.

Charlotte Holmes died

In 2019, Charlotte was carrying out a routine checkup with her cardiologist when her blood pressure spiked. The doctor told her she wouldn’t be going home and the explanation was terrifying: she was about to either have a stroke or a heart attack.

Her husband Danny was in the room with her as they monitored her, but all of a sudden someone called out a code and medical staff rushed in. Danny explains that someone must have signalled a worsening of her condition, and they ‘started working on her’ right away. Charlotte started describing ‘the flowers’ to Danny who knew there were no flowers in there - Charlotte was in some other dimension.

Charlotte left her body

In a YouTube episode of the The 700 Club, Charlotte explains that her soul exited her body during this time. She was above her physical self, and could see Danny in the corner. She could see the nurses working on her but, at the same time, was aware of the beautiful nature around her and some music playing. She knew she was in heaven. The trees swayed in time to the music and she was guided by angels.

She says as soon as the angels took her, there was ‘no fear’. She felt only ‘pure joy’, and this was amplified by who she ended up meeting in heaven.

Charlotte visited heaven and hell

Charlotte describes seeing deceased family members in heaven, but explains that they didn’t look like they did in their last few days. They all look around 30, and no one is ill or needs glasses - they have ‘new bodies’. Charlotte, who is not the first person to describe this sort of an encounter in heaven, saw her mum, dad and sister. Behind them, there was a very bright light. She explains that she recognised this to be God, her ‘heavenly father’.

Then, a toddler appeared. She asked God who the child was, and he told her the boy was hers. Charlotte becomes emotional telling this part of the story, because she lost a child at five and a half months decades ago. God explained that they continue to grow in heaven, but there is no time, so her little boy was still only a toddler.

Before she came back to the Earthly realm, God took Charlotte to hell. She describes smelling ‘rotten flesh’ and having the ‘screams’ ring in her ears. The comparison to what she had just witnessed was ‘almost unbearable’.

God explained that Charlotte had ‘time to go back and share’ what awaits people who live a life without morals. He wanted her to wake up and spread the message.

Just as quickly as she left her body, Charlotte found herself back in it. Danny says he saw her blink, and felt a wave of relief as he realised he would be taking her home after all this was over. Charlotte says she felt a certain sorrow upon awakening back in her own body, but she explained that ‘people need hope’ and it is important to her to share her experience with others.

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