This girl died and came back to life after horrific horse-riding incident, here's who she saw in heaven

This girl died after falling off a horse which went on to kick her in the head. Here’s what she witnessed in heaven.

This girl died and came back to life after horrific horse-riding incident, here's who she saw in heaven
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This girl died and came back to life after horrific horse-riding incident, here's who she saw in heaven

Death is something that we have studied since the beginning of our existence on Earth. Under normal circumstances, studies have shown that dying starts up to 2 weeks before you take your final breath. However, some people pass to the other side sooner than expected. And a very small group of them are lucky enough to say they have died and come back to life.

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That’s what happened to Ellen Weir, who died when she was 12 years old. Here’s the terrible story of how she suffered a horse riding accident, died, and went to heaven.

Ellen’s death

Ellen had always loved riding and when she was 12 years old she went for her first Western lesson. The horse’s saddle was uncomfortable, so it expanded its stomach as the strap was being cinched tight. This meant that later in the lesson, during which Ellen was not wearing a helmet, the saddle started to slip as the horse relaxed its muscles and breathed. In one fateful moment, Ellen fell from the horse. She was dragged along for a while, and the horse stepped on her before rearing up out of terror and kicking her in the right temple:

That was the beginning of my life.

Ellen’s parents went to the hospital with her, and she recognises that that must have been horrible for them. However, Ellen says that during this time she was ‘in the light’; she had passed into the afterlife.

What Ellen witnessed in heaven

Ellen’s body was in a coma, but her mind and soul were in heaven. She says the first thing she remembers is being on a raft on a ‘pink cloud river’. Jesus was in front of her, and on her left there was a younger, bald man wearing robes. She didn’t know him but felt extremely comfortable with him. It was only later in life that she finally found out who he was. Ellen, like this woman who died and met the antichrist, felt a huge sense of connection and ‘absolute love’ on the other side.

Jesus ascended from the raft, and Ellen experienced different realms of the universe: she went through a place where there were colourful plants and beautiful music playing and ended up in the ‘golden light’.

This was the true part of my near-death experience that still brings me to tears today.

She felt a love for, and connection with, everything and everyone that ever was. She says she ‘melted’ into this light, and lost all sense of human constructs: there were no names, no self, just love.

Suddenly, she was back on the raft. Jesus asked her a simple question: did she want to stay or go?

Why we are here on Earth

Ellen initially wanted to stay, but then she was shown something that changed her mind. She was shown that her father and her brother’s life wouldn’t happen in the way they were meant to if she stayed. Despite the fact that any decision would have been accepted, she chose to live.

That’s when a wave of messages flooded over her: she learned that we are on Earth to live, and to lift each other up, and that we often spend our lives worrying about things that we should not waste our time on. She vowed that she would live, and go to bed every night ‘grateful’ for her life. After she made this vow, everything went dark.

In the darkness, she could see a music staff and hear musical sounds. The music came closer and closer until it went through her head. The only way to get past it was to open her eyes. When she managed to crank open her eyelids, she saw the credits of a film her parents had been showing her on a TV screen. It was a musical, and Ellen is convinced it was this music that woke her up from her coma.

Ellen’s memory had been wiped

Ellen was extremely lucky to recover from her accident, but her memory of everything before it had been wiped. Her friends and family were mostly strangers to her. Despite this, she says she ‘had a sense about people’ and could gauge their ‘energy, their essence’ successfully.

To cope, Ellen threw herself into music. She had grown up playing the piano, and she took up the flute. Nothing made sense to her in the world, so she turned to music. Now, as a music therapist, Ellen realises that she was rebuilding brain cells and connecting to herself again in another way.

Because she couldn’t understand what people were saying, she got really good at developing her ability to read them. She believes that her experience granted her these gifts, and she decided to use these by going into music therapy. To get the studies she needed, she went to a Buddhist university and in one of the first weeks she spotted a depiction of a buddha: he was ‘bald and thin, wearing long brown robes’. She knew straight away: this was the other guide who had accompanied her on the raft with Jesus in heaven. That’s how she knew that she was on the right path.

Ellen’s goal is to bring heaven on earth to people through music, putting into practice what she experienced on the other side. She has developed a technique where she does guided imagery with people, using light and music to guide them. Ellen believes each experience we go through offers a new opportunity to go ‘move further and further into a higher vibration’. If you deal with each thing that comes your way with love, you move up to a higher vibration, she says. And in doing so, you create heaven on Earth.

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