This woman died and came back to life after she ignored 'a little voice inside' her head

Nancy Rynes was declared dead after a bike accident in 2014 before 'coming back to life'. Here's what she saw in the afterlife.

woman died came back life after death near-death experience story
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woman died came back life after death near-death experience story

We human beings have always been fascinated by the topic of death. Whether about what comes before, during, or even after our souls depart from our bodies, we can never have too much information on the subject. This is why, stories about people who die and come back to life are interesting.

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The woman we will talk about today went through a near-death experience which had a massive impact on her life. She has decided to share her story and how it has changed her perspective on life after death.

Nancy Rynes was hit by a car

Nancy Rynes chose to share her near-death-experience in an interview with Megyn Kelly on Today. On 3 January 2014, Nancy went on a bike ride, but she had a bad feeling:

There was a little voice inside of me that just said to not go out riding that day. I don't know where that came from, but I ignored it.

When she was hit by a car, Nancy explains she knew she was going to die. The driver did not see her and Nancy ended up 'pinned' between the SUV and the road for a short distance. She then experienced what she calls 'dual consciousness'.

I see myself laying under the vehicle, in pain, and screaming. I saw a woman struggling to hang on to life.

She claims there is an 'afterlife'

Nancy explains that she didn't die on that day, but her heart stopped beating while undergoing major surgery three days later, and that is when she was transported to the 'afterlife'.

Around me was this beautiful hillside, surrounded by flowers and trees and a mountain range in the distance. And a sense of peace, and love and welcoming that I'd never felt before.

As an Atheist, Nancy was confused at first, because she did not believe in life after death. She suddenly wondered 'Why am I here?' and a soothing voice responded 'Because you are my child and this is your home'. She then faced a dilemma regarding whether she should return to Earth or not.

There was a part of me that really wanted to stay because of the peace, and the love. The love was incredible, and the connection to everyone and everything was incredible.

She decided to come back to her life because she was not done with her role on Earth. Since then, Nancy lives her life differently.

I take a lot more risks. Not in a bad, like put-my-body-in-danger way, but I realize that I don't want to let fear run my life. I'm much more loving. My capacity for love has increased multiple times, I mean, just an incredible amount of love for everyone and everything.

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This woman died and came back to life when she was 8, here's how it changed the course of her life This woman died and came back to life when she was 8, here's how it changed the course of her life