This dying woman received message from God, here's what she remembers from visiting the afterlife

Yvonne Sclar woke up from a coma three days before her life support was due to be turned off. As soon as she could, she shared her story.

This woman died and went to heaven
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This woman died and went to heaven

If we tell you to imagine dying, how do you picture the aftermath? Are you a lights-out, that’s the end type of person? Or do you think there is a higher plane to which we travel only after leaving this one? Many people who have died and come back to life have said that they visited Heaven.

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Yvonne Sclar is one of those people. She died after facing complications associated with pneumonia, but had no fear. She fully believed that God was with her throughout her journey, and when she got to Heaven she met Jesus. This is her story, as told on the Christian YouTube channel The 700 Club.

Yvonne was rushed to hospital

Yvonne has been unwell for two weeks with an illness that she assumed was the flu. She kept meaning to get herself to a doctor to secure some antibiotics, but was putting it off.

Eventually, her breathing got so shallow that she couldn’t 'hear' it. She asked, ‘What’s going on, Lord?’ No sooner had God replied, telling Yvonne to trust him, than she collapsed. Yvonne was rushed to Loma Linda University Medical centre, and Dr. Takkin Lo discovered the severity of her situation.

Yvonne and Dr Lo’s heart-to-heart

Dr Lo explained that, ‘out of the six lobes in her lung, four of them were actually involved in the pneumonia.’ The infection had spread into her bloodstream and Yvonne was heading into septic shock.

When Dr Lo explained that she would be intubated and placed in an induced coma so the medical team could treat her, she resisted. Yvonne believed she would never wake up, and kept telling her doctor:

I've had a really good life, and I know where I'm going, and it's okay just to let me go.

They prayed together, and Dr Lo told Yvonne, ‘Look at me. This will be the last person you get to see before you wake up the next time.’

Yvonne’s organs failed

While Yvonne was in hospital, her community prayed for her. Chaplain Donna Herrick, Yvonne’s supervisor and friend, organised her students and had a group of people praying for Yvonne.

Despite this, Yvonne’s organs started to fail. She ‘coded’ three times - a term medics use which generally means cardiac arrest. Dr Lo added: ‘For each of the organs that failed, there is an associated approximately 20% chance of dying… So at that moment, she had approximately seventy to eighty percent chance of dying.’

Since Yvonne had no family to ask, her friends were consulted about the possibility of turning off her life support. Donna was prepared to say goodbye forever. She told her friend, ‘Yvonne, I love you, and it’s okay if you wanna stay where you are, go on to stay with the Lord, it is absolutely ok. I will miss you; we will miss you. But it’s ok.'

Yvonne’s trip to Heaven

Little did Donna know that Yvonne was already in Heaven. She described, like many people who have died, leaving her body. Yvonne was in a ‘beautiful’ field with ‘vibrant’ flowers. She added:

There are no words to describe what it's like to be in the presence of Jesus, the love and the light and the purity. The love is unsurmountable; it is all-consuming.

When she met Jesus, the pair walked together. Christ revealed to her that people sometimes hesitate to ask him for things, but that they shouldn’t. She explained:

And people don't either feel worthy or they feel like they're bothering him or it's too much to ask or that they don't believe in Christ or heaven. And he says, 'But remember to tell people: 'Ask.'

Yvonne woke up

Yvonne says that Jesus told her:

I want you to tell people everything that I've showed you. I want you to tell them about my love, my forgiveness, and that they can come as they are. I want them to repent with a sincere heart and follow my laws.

This was the mission he gave her, and 3 days before she was due to be taken off life support, she woke up. Donna was amazed by how quickly Yvonne transformed from a body in limbo to a person full of life.

However, for Yvonne it was ‘bittersweet’. She explained, ‘First of all, you're in this body again, which is very cumbersome and it's very limiting. In Heaven there's no limitation. And I was talking about Heaven as soon as they put a little device on my throat.’

Dr Lo, speaking about her recovery, said Yvonne was a ‘miracle’. Later on, Yvonne married Rick, who had been part of the group praying for her.

Yvonne now believes that her mission on Earth is to share what happened to her in Heaven. She added that she’s ‘looking forward to going back’ and wants to take as many people as possible with her.

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