Baba Vanga’s 2023 prediction just came true, here’s what the blind psychic foresaw

Baba Vanga was a blind Bulgarian mystic who reportedly predicted 9/11 as well as the date of her own death. It seems another of her predictions was correct.

Baba Vanga’s 2023 solar storm prediction came true
Baba Vanga’s 2023 solar storm prediction came true

We are all fascinated by the unknown: be it tales from the afterlife or predictions from the future, we love to hear about worlds we have never experienced. There’s even a man who claims to be a ‘living Nostradamus’ who predicted Queen Elizabeth’s death. But sometimes you have to look behind you to see what lies ahead.

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Baba Vanga died over 25 years ago, but she left behind prophecies as far as 5079. She reportedly foresaw the end of the Covid pandemic, and now another event has happened which seems to align with her description. Here’s what she said would happen, and what actually did happen.

Baba Vanga’s 2023 prediction

Baba Vanga predicted several events for 2023 including the use of bioweapons and a nuclear blast. Thankfully, so far she’s missed the mark with these (touch wood - we’ve got a few weeks left). However, an event that she foresaw happening actually did come to pass on December 1. It’s not exactly as she imagined, but it is pretty close!

Baba Vanga said that our planet would be hit by a massive solar storm in 2023 with terrible consequences. Let’s review what actually happened.

Solar storm hit Earth

It turns out that on 1 December, a solar storm did indeed hit our planet. This is when the sun emits huge bursts of energy in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Did you miss it? Honestly, same. But it was actually a pretty special event as this sort of storm is rare. The Independent explained:

The intensity of solar storms are denoted by the letter G followed by a number ranging from 1 to 5, 1 being the most minor event and 5 being the most extreme.
G3 storms are strong events that are likely to cause intermittent satellite navigation and low-frequency radio navigation problems.

This storm was rated a G2, and caused minimal disruption. Baba Vanga foresaw it bringing about a plunge back into the Dark Ages… so she was a little off on this point. However, it turns out that more intense solar storms can indeed cause power black outs. Other than this small detail, Baba Vanga's vision was pretty accurate!

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Baba Vanga's predictions for 2024 are starting to come true Baba Vanga's predictions for 2024 are starting to come true