‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salomé has predicted that a new virus will sweep the globe in 2024

The seer has a terrifying prediction for the upcoming year.

Living Nostradamus virus
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Living Nostradamus virus

The future is a mystery to us, and most of us have accepted that we have limited control over events that are yet to happen on a global scale. However, it is in human nature to try and prepare by whatever means at your disposal, and this is where predictions come into play. Seers like the blind Baba Vanga have existed since we moved on from grunting as a form of communication. However, the predictions these mystics share with us are not always what we want to hear...

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Athos Salomé is a modern day mystic who claims to have accurately predicted some very major events. These include the invasion of Ukraine, the death of Queen Elizabeth and the long-lasting coronavirus pandemic. The Brazilian seer predicted a whole range of disasters - as well as a few good things - for the upcoming year.

Now, another of the 37-year-old’s predictions has come to light, and it’s not good news. The seer has warned that another virus is set to sweep the globe just as we are getting over the effects of Covid-19. Here’s everything Salomé has revealed.

The virus will start in the South Pole

The mystic has revealed where he foresees this terrible virus starting, and it is not somewhere we would have guessed: Salomé says it will originate in the South Pole. He believes this virus will have serious consequences and that it will ‘take longer than one can imagine' to get it under control once it has broken out.

In case there was any doubt about the severity of this disaster, Salomé adds: ‘If this new virus goes unchecked, suffering, mental and material damage will proliferate death and this virus will be known as the greatest grim reaper in history.’ As we all still remember the disastrous results of the coronavirus pandemic, this prediction holds a particularly terrifying potential.

Other 2024 predictions

This is not the first time that Salomé has shared his predictions for 2024 with us. He also says that we will start to use AI to reach out to deceased loved ones and communicate with them. He has suggested that the ethics of this are currently being discussed by ‘experts’.

The seer has also warned about an invasion of the US after the country is 'betrayed'. He wrote an ominous message on Instagram: 'They are planning the attack some time and it will be worse than Osama Bin Laden’s on September 11, 2001'.

Salomé has also flagged that there will be an eruption of World War 3 involving 'two great leaders'. As is unfortunately often the case with these predictions, the majority of them are things we would really rather avoid.

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