Woman admits to cooking and eating her grandmother's ashes: 'Nan will live on through me forever'

Cheyenne, an Australian woman, called into a radio show to admit she cooked her grandmother's ashes and ate them, saying her 'nan will live on through her forever'.

woman admits cooking eating dead grandmother ashes weird story
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woman admits cooking eating dead grandmother ashes weird story

Whether you choose to be buried or cremated is entirely up to you. If you choose the latter, your loved-ones could put your ashes in a beautiful urn with they could place on their mantelpiece, or even put them in some valuable jewellery to have you near forever. However, one Australian woman took things even farther, and put her grandmother's ashes inside her body. We have got no information on when this story took place. Here's what happened.

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She called into a radio show

The story came out on a Melbourne radio show called Cashfessionnal, during which people can call in and tell their most shameful secrets. It is safe to say the radio hosts had no idea of the wild ride they were embarking on when they took a young woman's call. Cheyenne remained anonymous, and one can only understand why.

Indeed, she admitted to cooking and eating her grandmother's ashes, as well as feeding them to her mother and brother. She began her story in a very self-explanatory sentence :

I ate my nan.

As the radio hosts were left stunned, she carried on:

My nan passed away in August last year and got cremated. My family and myself were grieving, so we went over to Mum's one night and we thought to cheer her up again… let's eat nan.

'Nan will live on through me forever'

Cheyenne and her mother purposefully put her grandmother's ashes in a bowl and ate them, it was no accidental drop. If you think this is the end of this horrifying story, hold on to your seats.

After I did it once, I got Mum to do it because I didn't want to be alone in it. But that's not the only part of the story… this is the part I've told nobody.

A while later, Cheyenne's brother got out of prison and came to stay with her, so she thought she might pull a prank on him, as siblings do. At this point, the radio hosts were squirming in their seats and let out a heartfelt 'Oh God'. Cheyenne put some of her grandmother's ashes in the pasta sauce and fed them to her brother, as one hopes he was blissfully unaware.

Towards the end of the radio show, the hosts then asked her if she had stopped eating her grandmother's ashes, to which she simply answered:

I’ll say yes for your sake… I eat her just for fun. Nan will live on through me forever.

Who knows what Cheyenne will do once she runs out of ashes?

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