War, evil pope, terror: This is what Nostradamus has in store for 2023

In order to interpret world events in coming years, Nostradamus predictions are often used. What he predicted for the year 2023, however, is likely to be generally sobering.

Nostradamus made 4 terrifying predictions about 2023
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Nostradamus made 4 terrifying predictions about 2023

People have been concerned about future world events for thousands of years - there have always been soothsayers and prophets who have claimed to be able to predict the future. And quite a few people have been carried away by this.

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One of these soothsayers is, among others, the French apothecary Michel de Nostredame - better known as Nostradamus - whose prophecies date back to the 16th century and give information up to the year 3797.

Great Depression and Third World War

However, a look at his notes concerning world events in the current year 2023 is likely to be sobering - this is reported by the newspaper Welt, BILD as well as Merkur. As many as four ominous predictions are said to come true this year.

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In the first place, there is probably a global financial crisis, which, according to the interpretation of experts, is described by the words 'that man will eat his fellow man'. If one looks at the developments with regard to the Ukraine war or the climate crisis, some could already see the preconditions for this prediction.

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New 'evil' pope and terrorist attacks

A 'Third World War' is also said to be in store for us - Nostradamus, for example, speaks of a 'great war' that will 'last seven months' and kill a large number of people. Also, a new 'threatening leader' is to become the new head of the Catholic Church in place of the currently incumbent Pope Francis. Several terrorist attacks are also said to be on the horizon for 2023.

The truth content and the reliability of Nostradamus' predictions cannot be guaranteed however - Experts give to consider that into the expressions of the foreseeing man also much can be interpreted and therefore caution is advisable.

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What’s to come in 2023 per Nostradamus’ prediction: War, economy and more What’s to come in 2023 per Nostradamus’ prediction: War, economy and more