Woman experiencing shortness of breath discovers she had 'extremely unusual' 32kg growth in her ovary

A woman approached doctors complaining of many unsual symptoms, which actually had a rare and unlikely cause.

shortness of breath 32kg tumour in ovary
© Olga Kononenko
shortness of breath 32kg tumour in ovary

The symptoms for some medical maladies can be weird and unexpected. Drinking more than usual, smelling bacon or even waking up with a swollen face have all been associated with serious health conditions.

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In one more bizarre instance, as reported by Mirror, a woman who appeared to be suffering from a range of symptoms including shortness of breath, found out that she had a rare and unusual reason for it, growing inside her body.

Doctors find massive tumour inside patient's ovary

As per the report, the 24-year-old patient went to the University Women's Clinic in Magdeburg, Germany, with a bizarre set of symptoms. She felt a shortness of breath, a feeling of heaviness as well as weight-loss.

The doctors found out that she actually had an oversized growth in her ovary. It was also attached to her intestine and connective tissues. The situation was so dire that doctors proceeded to remove it immediately.

The tumour that was found in the patient's ovary, is called a cystadenoma Artur Tumasjan

The doctors informed that the growth was a cystadenoma, a type of benign tumour that develops from ovarian tissues. Even though it is not cancerous, it could lead to medical problems.

The patient's tumour had grown to a massive 32kg, but thankfully, there were no complication due to its removal.

The tumour is 'extremely unusual'

Dr Atanas Ignatov, who worked on the case, informs that early medical intervention is advised in these cases,

A tumour of this size is extremely unusual, as women usually seek medical help at an early stage. The patient was afraid of the operation and therefore suppressed the tumour.

However, it is a very rare condition, and there's no reason for serious concern. The doctor continues saying,

I would like to emphasise that affected women should not be afraid. They are in the best hands with us. Our clinic is geared towards providing highly specialised medical assistance. Early detection is the key to successful treatment and we support our patients in this important aspect of preventive healthcare.”

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