This man held his sneeze, and something terrifying happened to his body

After a simple sneeze, a man ended up in the emergency room. Here's what happened to him.

man sneeze medical story weird
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man sneeze medical story weird

Coughs, fevers, joint pains... the symptoms of an illness can be numerous, and sneezing is generally regarded as something minor. Yet one man sneezed and injured his neck. What exactly happened?

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Swollen neck after sneezing

This unique case was reported in the BJM Case Reports. The patient's identity has not been disclosed, but according to the doctors, he is a man in his thirties suffering from chronic allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis can cause runny noses and sneezing fits.

While driving his car, symptoms of allergic rhinitis suddenly set in. To avoid losing control of his vehicle, the man tried to contain his sneeze by plugging his nose with his fingers and closing his mouth.

Shortly afterwards, this person began to feel severe neck pain, prompting a trip to the emergency room.

Emphysema detected on X-rays

As he explained on arrival at the hospital, he was in pain but had no difficulty swallowing, speaking or breathing. After analysis, the doctors discovered that he had torn his trachea by blocking his sneeze. Fortunately, his case did not require surgery and, after light treatment, he is now free of any after-effects. The case does, however, serve as a reminder to doctors:

Everyone should be advised not to stifle sneezes by pinching their nose while keeping their mouth closed, as this can lead to tracheal perforation.

In fact, such action can multiply the pressure generated by sneezing by a factor of twenty.

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