Doctors left shocked after discovering a whole housefly inside this man's intestine

A routine check up of a man's colon turned into a bizarre medical mystery for these doctors.

doctors find intact housefly inside man's intestine
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doctors find intact housefly inside man's intestine

Bizarre, unexpected and sometimes downright horrific discoveries inside people's bodies during a medical procedure, is not unheard of.

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Doctors have found strange and unusual objects inside their patient's stomach, including in one case, a needle lodged in a woman's brain. In another case, this living thing was discovered inside a patient.

Now, as per The Independent, doctors have shared shocking images of a creature they found inside a man's intestine during a routine check-up.

This was found inside man's intestine

The incident transpired in Missouri. A 63-year-old patient went in for a routine colon screening. The procedure happened as per usual. But when the doctor reached the transverse colon in the large intestine, they came across something unexpected and baffling: a fully intact housefly!

Thankfully, the fly was confirmed as dead by the doctors.

Doctors are unable to determine how the housefly got into the patient's stomach  Iqram-O-dowla Shawon

The incident came to light when doctors involved shared the bizarre episode in American Journal of Gastroenterology. They described it as a

..very rare colonoscopy finding and mystery on how the intact fly found its way into the transverse colon.

The patient was reportedly as baffled by the discovery as the doctors. They claim to have no idea how the fly could have gotten inside their body.

Mystery of the fly inside the stomach

Matthew Bechtold, the chief of Gastroenterology at the University of Missouri, told The Independent that the fly could have reached the transverse colon either through the patient's mouth or rectum.

Since the patient had a colon screening scheduled, they only consumed clear liquids before the procedure. The patient last ate pizza and lettuce two days before, and certainly doesn't not remember ingesting any fly. Plus there were no symptoms to indicate otherwise.

The fact that the fly was completely intact when found, adds another layer of mystery to this case.

How the fly got into the patient remains a mystery as of now.

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