Man discovered a hoard of cockroaches were living in his ear

This man got the surprise of his life when doctors told him that his ear was inhabiting a whole family of cockroaches.

More than 10 cockroaches pulled out of a man's ear
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More than 10 cockroaches pulled out of a man's ear

When we see a cockroach, a general reaction is one of disgust. The pesky critters, with their ill-favoured appearance, are enough to leave an unpleasant feeling on sight. It’s distressing enough having them in your home, but imagine if they enter your body and lay eggs there! It sounds like a scene from a horror movie, for sure, but this is precisely what this man, from China, experienced.

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Scratching ear pain

A 24-year-old man from China woke up one day with intense pain in his ear. According to FOX29, who reported this incident on November 2019, the man felt sharp pains and could feel a ‘scratching' sensation inside his ear. After the pain got too much, he approached his family and asked them to use a light to take a look inside his ear. Upon investigation, they found something that shocked them to the core.

His family discoveredmultiple cockroaches crawling in his ear. Upon seeing the skin-crawling sight, the man rushed to Sanhe Hospital and consulted with Dr Zhong Yijin, an ear nose and throat specialist.

More than 10 cockroaches found

The doctor, upon inspection, found cockroach babies living snuggly inside the man’s ear. He used a tweezer to extract more than 10 cockroach babies‘, which were 'running around’. After further searching, he also found the mother of the critters and pulled her out.

As per New York Post, the doctor divulged that the patient had the habit of leaving unfinished food on his bedside table, which likely attracted the bugs. This resulted in the cockroach crawling in his ear and creating a warm nest. Maybe now, we must think twice about leaving unfinished snacks near our bed.

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