Man discovers something disgusting in his food while eating at his school canteen

A student eating in his school canteen found something absolutely revolting on his plate. The discovery ruined his appetite.

Man finds an animal head in his canteen lunch
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Man finds an animal head in his canteen lunch

Around the world, not all canteens are created equal, and one canteen can see its own quality erode over the months. But at least you know pretty much what you're eating when you go there: the menu is clearly displayed, and what you find on your plate (normally) corresponds to what's indicated on the menu or on the app. Except that one student had a surprise that was clearly not in his favor when he went to lunch at his school's restaurant.

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The head of an animal that didn't belong on his plate

The story takes place in China, at the Jiangxi Industry Polytechnic College canteen. On June 1, a student went there for lunch, as usual.

Except that when it came to actually eating, the young man spotted an animal's head in the middle of his plate.And, no, that head wasn't on the menu. Immediately, the student approached the staff, informing them that a rat's head was in his dish. The canteen staff simply answered 'It's duck'. Except that one detail caught the young man's attention...

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A rat's head or a duck's head?

Indeed, the head seen in the video posted for the occasion (we warn you, the images may shock you), doesn't look at all like a duck's, but rather like... a rat's!

The student then asked the staff to have a good look at the animal's head.

Isn't that a rat's tooth?

As his video went viral, it sparked a real controversy in China. CNN explains:

As public pressure mounted, the college issued a statement on June 3 claiming the object shown in the video was not a rat’s head, but a piece of duck neck, which is a popular delicacy in China.

Meanwhile, the student backtracked on his statement, saying he wants to clarify his statement.

I found out it was not a rat head but a duck neck, so I would like to clarify

A rather hairy duck with very sharp teeth...

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