This man searched his hotel room and discovered something strange in his closet (VIDEO)

A video that has gone viral shows the inside of a hotel room. A guest discovered something strange behind his closet.

man discovers secret corridor hotel room strange
© Runnyrem / Unsplash
man discovers secret corridor hotel room strange

He wasn't supposed to find out. While in a hotel room, a guest began searching every nook and cranny of his room. At first glance, the room was nothing special, but when he dismantled part of the closet, he found a secret entrance.

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A corridor hidden behind his closet

This video will not please the most paranoid among you. We don't know when or where it was shot, only that it takes place in a hotel room, and that it recently went viral on social networks.

Lasting one minute, it is presented as a guided tour of the room. At first, there's nothing to notice. Apart from a pair of the customer's sneakers next to the bathtub, the room is in impeccable condition.

Then the camera approaches a cupboard at the back of the room. Nothing unusual until the customer opens the cabinet and uses a card to unhook the back. Logically, you'd expect the wall to appear, but the back of the cupboard actually gives access to... a corridor.

A trapdoor behind a trapdoor

Certainly not designed to be visited by customers, the hallway is in poor condition. The paint isn't fresh and rubble is strewn all over the floor. Even creepier: behind this hidden access, the hotel guest discovered another hidden trapdoor, leading to an even more obscure corridor.

Faced with these images, Internet users were quick to put forward obscure theories. On Twitter, one user commented:

This hotel should be investigated. It may be involved in organ and human trafficking.

We don't know what the true function of these secret corridors is... but according to one Reddit user, the room has been redesigned and what the customer saw would be the remains of the old room.

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Reddit: Man finds something unusual in his hotel room.

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