3 strange sports you didn't know existed

Sports are a big part of our lives. However, there are some of the most unusual sports that you probably wouldn’t have heard of.

3 strange sports you didn't know existed
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3 strange sports you didn't know existed

Sports like football, basketball and rugby are household sports and make up the majority of the sports industry. However, there are also some unusual sports that are quite popular. You might not have heard of them but worry not, we will tell you all you need to know about these strange sports.

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Slap fighting

At some point, you’ve surely come across a YouTube video of two men preparing to slap each other. The sport has been widely popularized in the US recently. The rules are simple but the whole competition takes place in quite a professional manner.

The sport originated in Russiaand since has travelled to US and Canada. It is also viral thanks to social media. Two people face off against each other and take turns slapping their opponents. The one last one standing gets a prized title, glory and respect. Internet influencers like Logan Paul are heavily involved in this sport as well.

Ostrich racing

Ostrich Racing Robert Holmes

Originating in South Africa this sport became a common practice in the United States, particularly in Chandler, Arizona. The race is significantly riskier than horseback racing as the bird is much less obedient than a horse in nature. The participants get on the back of ostriches and race each other. The fastest competitor wins the race and the prized title and money as well.

Lingerie football

It might sound like an unrealistic game but it definitely is not. Lingerie football has been around for a long time. Started as a part of the US Superbowl halftime show, this act later developed into a whole league where the players actually played and competed against other teams and had a whole separate league of their own.

Lingerie football Future Publishing

The players are women, they dress up in mostly lingerie and compete against the other team to win the American football league.

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