People are going crazy about this viral yoghurt cluster recipe

This is definitely one of the most viral recipe that's making people go gaga this summer. Here's how to make your own!

People are going crazy about this recipe combining yoghurt and strawberry this summer
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People are going crazy about this recipe combining yoghurt and strawberry this summer

We have already had a wide gamut of viral recipes this year. Some of these have been way too bizarre, while others have introduced us to a whole new world of flavour and texture combination in our foods. Some of the bizarre yet weirdly super-hit recipes from earlier this winter and spring include this dessert that combined Oreos and sushi in an unusual way, a boozy recipe that combined butter with vodka, and then there was this amazing hack for combining fruit roll-up with ice cream.

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Honestly, there's no way to predict what strange new recipes the Internet is going to spring up next. This summer, the first viral recipe that seems to have taken hold of the Internet is the delicious and healthy strawberry yoghurt cluster. Here's how you can make them easily.

How to make strawberry yoghurt clusters

There are a ton of creators who have been sharing the recipe for this snack on TikTok. As per the video shared by creator @thecanok, all you need for this recipe is yoghurt, strawberries, honey and chocolate. Here's how to make your yoghurt strawberry clusters:

  • Get strawberries and dice them into small squares
  • Get some fresh yoghurt in a bowl, and then add in your diced strawberries
  • Add in honey to the mix, and then combine everything well
  • Get a sheet tray and line it with parchment paper
  • Scoop out the yoghurt mix, and flatten them almost like a cookie
  • Top it with melted chocolate and let it cool in the freezer
  • Once its frozen, the result is thick clusters of chocolate covered strawberry and yoghurt
  • Enjoy!

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People's reaction to the recipe

A lot of people in the comment section of the viral video pointed out how often they saw the same recipe on TikTok, underlining the virality of this recipe at the moment. One commenter said,

I've seen this over 5 times on my fyp in less then 30mins

Over 13.5K people liked this comment!

Another viewer wrote,

I’ve seen enough lol we definitely got to make these soon

One curious viewer asked for some additional info about how to properly melt chocolate saying,

What’s everyone’s secret to melting the chocolate? Mine always burns every single time!

To this, the creator responded helpfully,

Put chocolate chips and coconut oil in microwave safe dish. Microwave for 20-30 seconds and stir. Repeat until most of the chocolate is melted

People also offered their own spin on the recipe. One commenter suggested,

Now hear me out… bananas instead of strawberries and melted biscoff instead of chocolate

Will you be making your own version of strawberry yoghurt clusters this summer? Or are you going to give this one a pass?

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