People are storing toilet paper in the refrigerator due to this viral life hack

A viral hack has many people storing their toilet paper inside the refrigerator for some pretty interesting reasons.

toilet paper stored refrigerator
© Vlada Karpovich
toilet paper stored refrigerator

Well, how to store stuff at home is a subject fraught with tension, disagreement, and sometimes downright weirdness. No one seems to be able to agree on seemingly simple stuff such as storing potatoes, or even how to store crisps.

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And if we get into the question of how to properly arrange the refrigerator, or even where to store eggs or milk in there, there's bound to be endless debate.

To add fuel to the fire, a new TikTok trend has taken over social media: people sticking in a toilet paper roll inside their refrigerator. Weird right? Read on to find out the reason why.

Why to put toilet paper roll in the fridge?

One of the accounts to share the hack is @smartfoxlifehacks. In his video, he claims,

Put a toiler paper roll in your fridge and watch what happens.

He shares that apparently the toilet paper roll trick is from the hotel industry. It entails putting a toilet paper roll inside your fridge, and leaving it there.

Basically, what it does is, due to the absorbent quality of toilet paper, it soaks up all the smells from the fridge, essentially neutralising the air inside the fridge, keeping things fresher and cleaner.

You don't have to deal with a stinky fridge anymore with this trick. Max Rahubovskiy

Should you be stocking up toilet paper in the fridge?

The TikToker recommends that people should change their toilet paper rolls inside the fridge every 3 to 4 weeks.

As per House Digest, there is veracity to this claim. Placing a clean toilet roll in your fridge helps to get rid of the internal humidity in the fridge, and eliminate the stinky particles that cause odours.

As per the report, you should definitely use only clean toilet paper for this hack. Along with that, its better to use unscented rolls.

Whether you are convinced of this hack or not, it is pretty easy and cheap to access toilet paper rolls to try out the trick for yourself.

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