Tinned food can go bad, here's how to store it properly

Although tinned food can usually last a long time, improper storage can make it go bad very easily. Here's how you should be storing it.

Tinned food can go bad, here's how to store it properly
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Tinned food can go bad, here's how to store it properly

Tinned food is one of the ultimate kitchen hacks if you never want to run out of food and want to ensure the longevity of your pantry items. Tinned tomatoes, beans, corns and even tinned mushrooms are common kitchen foods for many households, with some people swearing that these taste even better than the fresh version.

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However, just because these items can be stored for an extended period of time does not mean that they can never go bad. In fact, incorrect storage of tinned food could spoil them.

As reported by Express, here is the correct way to store tinned food, and the things you should avoid doing while storing them. Along with this, you should always keep an eye out for the best before and use-by dates printed on your food.

Canned food can go bad due to improper storage Claudio Schwarz

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Why do tinned food have such a long shelf life?

As per the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), tinned food are usually safe to eat for an extended period of time but they come with a best before date, sometimes shown as BBE (best before end), which is about quality and not safety.

After the best before date listed on a product, the food will be safe to eat but might not taste its best.

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How to properly store tinned food

The article by Express reports that according to food consultant Bryan Quoc Le, all canned food should be stored in a 'cool, dry place.' The worst places to store canned food is anywhere damp or moist in the house, such as above the stove which tends to get steamy, or in a damp basement.

Again, the temperature can also have an impact on the longevity of canned food. They should not be kept in a place that gets too cold or too hot.

If you notice that your can of food get misshapen or starts to bulge, better not to eat the contents inside.

As per the FSA,

You should avoid eating food from a visibly bulging can. If the can spurts when it is opened, this may be a result of gas buildup in the food and could be due to the presence and growth of microorganisms.
These microorganisms can spoil the food and can make it unsafe.

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