These everyday foods and drinks can stain your teeth

Preserve your pearly whites and your confidence by find out more about the foods that can turn your teeth yellow and stained.

These foods can stain your teeth
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These foods can stain your teeth

The colour of your teeth influences people’s perception of you not only in the domain of romance and attraction but also in professional settings and everyday interactions.

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While there are many foods which you could eat in order to whiten your teeth, there are also foods that are prone to staining your teeth. While you might not be able to stop eating them altogether, you can start being more proactive at cleaning your teeth after you enjoy them.

As reported by Healthline, here are some foods that can stain your teeth:

Both coffee and wine can stain your teeth Alexander Spatari


Coffee is one of the strongest factors behind many people’s teeth getting stained. The tannin compounds in coffee make it easier for the particles to stick to your teeth and stay there. While giving up coffee is unimaginable for many of us, it is advisable to be cognizant of properly cleaning your teeth after your usual cuppa.

Red wine

Red wine also has tannins, which also make it a potent source of teeth staining. Acidic food and drinks in general open up the pores of our teeth’s enamel. This allows of the particles in wine to stick to the teeth, causing stains.

Tobacco consumption also leads to stained and yellowed teeth Natnan Srisuwan

Spaghetti sauce

Any tomato-based sauces such as spaghetti sauce have the tendency to stain teeth very easily. Just as in the case of wine, since tomato sauces are acidic, they have the tendency of sticking to your teeth.

Tobacco and smoking

Smoking can also easily stain your teeth. In fact, the consumption of any tobacco products in any form, be it in pipes, cigars, cigarettes or even chewing tobacco, can leave your teeth yellow and stained. The reason for this is the presence of tar and nicotine, which colors the teeth.

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