Whiten your teeth naturally with these foods

There are many foods which can whiten your teeth naturally. Here are some of them and the reasons why they help to keep your teeth healthy and white.

These foods can whiten your teeth naturally
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These foods can whiten your teeth naturally

While going to a dentist regularly is the best way to go if you want keep your pearly whites shiny, it is also advisable to pick up habits and lifestyle practices that could help you maintain white teeth.

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The easiest among them is to eat foods which can whitenteeth naturally. Not only will you take care of your dietary needs, since these foods are healthy, you would also be ensuring that your bright smile never has to dull.

Here are some foods that naturally whiten your teeth, according to Healthline:


Milk and other dairy have lactic acid which helps to whiten your teeth. Lactic acid also helps in the production of saliva.

Milk also has a protein called casein which aids calcium to repair cavities and aids in preventing plaque.


Strawberries contain malic acid which is actually a alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These acids are great as exfoliants. This implies that strawberries have bleaching properties which can clean the surface of your teeth.

Along with this, strawberries as well as other tart fruits increase saliva production in the mouth which is great for long-term dental health.

Strawberries are great teeth whitening foods Laurence Monneret


The proteolytic enzyme in pineapple can naturally dissolve pellicle. This refers to the outer layer of the teeth which absorbs pigments from food and gives the appearance of teeth being stained. Therefore, pineapple helps clear this debris of plaque and food pigments and whitens teeth.

Like the strawberries, pineapples are also tart and thus, help in saliva production that helps keep away tooth decay.


Just like strawberries, watermelon also has malic acid which is beneficial for whitening teeth. In fact, according to Healthline, watermelon has even more malic acid than strawberries.

Coffee and tea can stain your teeth Ekaterina Chizhevskaya

Foods to be avoided

Along with embracing these foods that whiten your teeth, Colgate’s website also lists some foods that can actually stain your teeth and should therefore be avoided. These are:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Pasta sauce
  • Berries

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