These are the foods richest in potassium

Is your diet lacking in potassium? Here are 10 foods that are all full of potassium!

These are the foods richest in potassium
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These are the foods richest in potassium

Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, and it can be found in many everyday foods. If you have a deficiency and you don't want to take dietary supplements, here is what you should be eating!

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What is potassium and what is it used for?

Potassium is essential for the body, and it contributes to the proper functioning of muscles and kidneys in particular.

It is responsible for muscle contractions throughout the body, including the heart! It helps balance the digestive tract, such as the stomach, and the proper functioning of the kidneys. It also participates in the production of insulin, which allows sugar to enter cells.

Potassium levels are one of the parameters that are checked during a blood test, so it is important to make sure that your diet contains enough of this mineral.

1. Instant coffee

Drink coffee diluted in hot water to start your day with some potassium! This is also a natural source of magnesium and, to a lesser extent, phosphorus. Plus, it is very practical and quick to prepare!

2. Yeast

Yeast is a dietary supplement with multiple benefits, and it can replace parmesan cheese in many recipes. It is not only a source of potassium, but also of amino acids, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, and many other trace elements essential to the proper functioning of the body.

3. Dried apricots

Dried apricots are an invaluable source of potassium, plus a delicious snack. However, beware of their high carbohydrate content! If you're looking to lose weight, it's best not to overdo it.

4. Bananas

This fruitwill keep you going until your next meal, and bananas can be used in many recipes, from breakfast to dinner! It is also used by athletes for both the potassium they provide and the energy.

5. Wheat germ

Wheat germ should definitely be found in every kitchen, because of its many virtues! Don't hesitate to replace powdered sugar in your recipes with wheat germ.

6. Dark chocolate

There's nothing wrong with treating yourself sometimes!Dark chocolate which is at least 70% cocoa and with no added sugars is not only rich in potassium, but also in iron and manganese.

7. Roast chicken

If you're hesitating between two sources of protein for your potassium, such as between red meat or roast chicken, choose poultry, which is much lower in calories!

8. Chard

Chard is often avoided, yet it is a good source of potassium. It also provides just as much protein as carbohydrates.

9. Spinach

Contrary to popular belief, spinach is not only rich in iron! It is also a good source of potassium, manganese, and magnesium.

10. Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon provides a good amount of potassium. Make sure, however, to buy wild salmon, because it is less fatty than farmed salmon.

11. Coppa

If you want a little touch of Italy in your recipes while filling up on potassium, you can treat yourself to a few slices of coppa! This ham is also very rich in vitamin B1 and sodium.

Top 10 Foods High In Potassium Top 10 Foods High In Potassium