Here are 5 surprising health benefits of lemons

Read on to find out all you ever wanted to know about lemons, a citrus fruit with many health benefits.

Here are 5 surprising health benefits of lemons
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Here are 5 surprising health benefits of lemons

Lemon can be found absolutely everywhere! In desserts, sweets, savoury recipes, cosmetics, and even household products, their benefits are beyond measure. Lemons have already proven themselves to be a great scent for your DIY candles or your household products. When it comes to health, especially in terms of cooking, their benefits are even more interesting. Allow us to explain everything to you!

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It helps you maintain a nice figure

First of all, remember that lemons won't make you lose weight. On the other hand, they are very effective when it comes to cleansing the body, and ridding it of all those accumulated toxins. When we eat a rich and caloric meal, lemon can then help the digestion and therefore, allow for the elimination of waste to be more effective. It is thus a real ally to keep your figure as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

It protects against colds

Lemon is a very effective way to fend off colds. It boosts the immune system thanks to the vitamin C it contains. If you feel like you are starting to get sick, or are in contact with people who are, consume lemon daily in some water.

It cleanses the liver

If you've had a little too much sugar, alcohol or meals that were too high in calories, a little liver cleansing is in order. For this, lemon is your best option. It stimulates the production of bile and eliminates toxins stored in the liver. To benefit from its effects, opt for a small dose of lemon. Your body will thank you!

It reduces the risk of cancer

Frequent consumption of lemon could minimise the risk of developing certain cancers (colon, throat, stomach...), in other words, anything that affects the digestive and respiratory systems. And when one has cancer, lemon can slow down its progression thanks to the flavonoids and antioxidants it contains. In other words, it considerably stops the development of cancer cells.

It lowers cholesterol levels

If you tend to have high cholesterol, eat lemons regularly. In fact, several studies agree that lemon has a positive effect on cholesterol, by reducing its quantity in the blood.

How to consume lemons?

There are several ways to consume lemons and enjoy all their benefits, on a daily basis. You can squeeze some into cold, or room temperature water for example. Be careful not to use hot water, which tends to destroy all the benefits of lemons. Consume this infusion in the morning on an empty stomach, if you are not too sensitive, or after a rich meal.

You can use the juice or the zest in your dishes as well, such as in curry recipes, spicy Asian dishes, or fish recipes.

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