Three surprising health benefits of aluminium foil

Did you know that aluminium foil has great health benefits? Simply wrapping it around your feet has surprisingly positive effects on your body.

Aluminium foil
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Aluminium foil

It may sound like advice from a quack, but aluminium foil could have incredibly beneficial effects when placed on the skin. Here are some ways you can use the product to soothe everyday ailments.

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Get rid of your cold

To get rid of the side effects of a cold, Daisy Grace—a health specialist writing for Medium—suggests this technique:

Take 5 layers of aluminium foil and tie each around your feet. In between the layers put a piece of paper or cotton fabric.This cotton fabric is used to absorb the poisonous chemicals causing flu extracted from the body.
Allow this to take a maximum of one hour and untie all the foils. Make this same procedure after 2 hours a second time and a 3rd time. Repeat it daily for 7 days and you will notice that your flu and cold are completely gone.

Relieve minor burns

If you’ve accidentally incurred a very minor burn on your fingers, while cooking or using any hot styling products, run it under cold water. Then, wrap it up with foil—just like you would a burrito.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have found that it is a great way of treating minor burns. However, if you’ve been severely scorched you should definitely seek professional help.

Boost your energy

If you’re feeling exhausted, aluminium foil could recharge your depleted energy levels.

Put a few strips of the foil in the freezer for a maximum of three hours. When you’re feeling extra tired, place the strips on your cheeks and eyelids. Relax for a few minutes, pretend you're in a spa, and shut your eyes. You’ll be amazed at how a few pieces of frozen foil can make you feel fresh and awake.

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