9 Healthiest foods to eat in breakfast

Deciding what to make for breakfast can be a task every day. This list of foods will help you out in preparing a healthy breakfast.

9 Healthiest foods to eat in breakfast
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9 Healthiest foods to eat in breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is no denying that. However, it is of no use to religiously have breakfast if you are only consuming unhealthy foods. In that case, it would be better if you skip breakfast than add harmful content to your life.

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A healthy balanced breakfast that is also delicious should be your aim. Eating a healthy breakfast can indeed help in weight loss, less calorie intake during the day, uplifted mood and energy levels throughout the day. So what foods are wholesome for a breakfast meal? Let’s find out.


Oats are undoubtedly one of the best foods there is. It is 100 percent whole grain, filled with fiber, plant-based nutrients, B-vitamins, minerals, and whatnot. One of the healthiest foods that you can bag for breakfast, it also helps to improve cholesterol levels because of a unique fiber called oat beta-glucan.


Studies have shown having eggs at breakfast reduces calorie intake during the day and increases the feeling of fullness. Consuming eggs every day helps to maintain steady sugar and insulin levels in the body. It also is one of the best sources of choline nutrients, which is very necessary for the brain and liver.

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Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt provides the best probiotic benefits. A perfect choice, if you want to go for a lower-sugar breakfast, as it increases levels of hormones that promote fullness, including PYY and GLP-1. It is also full of calcium and vitamins.


Coffee has a high caffeine level which has proven to uplift mood, mental performance, and alertness. It has also proven beneficial in increasing metabolism and fat burning rate. Additionally, coffee is also rich in antioxidants which decrease the risks of diabetes and liver diseases.

Green Tea

It is undeniably the healthiest beverage ever. Since it contains caffeine, it has a similar effect as coffee. However, green tea also carries an antioxidant EGCG, which benefits the brain and nervous system.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are very nutritious along with being the best source of fiber in foods. They are also rich in antioxidants which help protect the body from free radicals. Not only this, but they also decrease the inflammatory marker CRP by 40 percent, which lowers the risk factor for heart diseases.

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Berries are rich in antioxidants and have lower levels of sugar as compared to other fruits. They help protect the heart and make you age better along with, preventing blood cholesterol from oxidizing and keeping the cell lining of blood vessels healthy.


Nuts have high magnesium, potassium, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. They are filling and prevent weight gain to a great extent. They also reduce insulin resistance and decrease inflammation.


Fruits like Avocados, bananas and Vitamin C-rich fruits are super healthy and beneficial for the body. They are rich in vitamins, potassium, minerals and low in calories. Thus, making it a perfect supplement with every type of meal.

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