Trying to get pregnant? You should be eating these foods...

Being older, overweight, stressed; managing endometriosis, ecological beliefs, endocrine disruptors... These are just some of the factors responsible for the decline in fertility rates around the world. However, diet also plays an important role. So, which foods promote fertility?

Trying to get pregnant? You should be eating these foods...
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Trying to get pregnant? You should be eating these foods...

Fertility is the biological ability of a woman and a man to conceive a baby. It peaks at the age of 20 and then declines from the age of 30. This phenomenon is not just a women's issue; it also affects men.

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After a year of regular relations, a heterosexual couple will need to consult a specialist for a check-up. This is why more and more couples are turning to medically assisted conception. It's also important to know that lifestyle and diet have an impact on conception and can increase the chances of becoming a parent.

Here are the foods you need to boost your fertility!

Foods that promote fertility in women

A woman has the best chance of becoming pregnant 5 days before ovulation and up to 3 days afterwards. To give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant, you need to adopt a healthy diet, giving priority to certain foods throughout the year:

Fruits and vegetables

Raw, cooked, juiced.... Fruits and vegetables help you eat a balanced diet and avoid excess weight, which can affect fertility.

They are also consumed for:

  • fiber, which helps control the glycemic index and prevent weight gain
  • antioxidants, which limit stress, one of the causes of reduced fertility
  • vitamins and minerals, important micro-nutrients that improve egg quality and the functioning of the reproductive system

Choose organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Vitamin B

You need to consume more vitamin B during the childbearing period. In fact, women are often advised to take folic acid B9 supplements as soon as they become pregnant and during the first months of pregnancy. Green vegetables such as spinach, but also legumes (lentils, peas and dried beans) are recommended. Vitamin B12, found in seafood, salmon and offal, is also highly recommended.


Zinc promotes ovulation; this mineral helps mature oocytes. It's found in seafood, shellfish and especially oysters. For meat eaters, calf's liver and beef are ideal.

Omega 3

DHA omega-3s are important fatty acids. They are even necessary during pregnancy for the healthy development of the fetus. They are found in fatty fish such as sardines, herring, mackerel and tuna. Linseed oil is also very rich in omega 3.

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What foods should I avoid when trying to conceive?

While some foods may be advisable, others should be avoided:

  • processed foods and excess sugar should be avoided, as they raise blood sugar levels. All natural foods should be prioritised
  • avoid alcohol and tobacco
  • beware of stress, which can upset the hormonal system
  • protect yourself from endocrine disruptors, which can be found in everyday products (hygiene products, medicines, pesticides, etc.)

These rules also apply to men, who must respect a certain lifestyle.

Foods that promote fertility in men

These are the foods men should be eating:

  • fruits and vegetables are also recommended to avoid weight problems, which tend to reduce spermatogenesis and contribute to erectile dysfunction
  • nuts help improve sperm count and mobility: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios are perfect
  • antioxidants: vitamin C and beta-carotene are a great help and can be found in kiwi fruit, oranges, peppers, pineapple, carrots and sweet potatoes
  • folate, for better sperm quality - red fruits and green vegetables are great sources for this

As with women, zinc and omega-3s should be consumed regularly.

  • Likewise, avoid:
  • endocrine disruptors
  • exposure to heat, which affects sperm production
  • smoking
  • alcohol consumption

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