Do you store your perfume in the bathroom? Here's why you shouldn't

When getting ready in the morning, it makes life easier to have all your beauty products to hand. But leaving your perfume in the bathroom is a very bad idea. Here's why.

Do you store your perfume in the bathroom? Here's why you shouldn't
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Do you store your perfume in the bathroom? Here's why you shouldn't

For many of us, applying a spritz of our favourite perfume in the morning is an essential part of our daily beauty routine. After adding a little concealer to erase any signs of fatigue from the day before, then applying a hint of mascara to the eyes and atouch of lipstick to match how you're feeling... we're ready to face a new day.But be sure to use the right tricks when it comes to your beauty products.Especially your signature fragrance.

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To make it last as long as possible, it should be sprayed on certain strategic points such as the inside of the wrists, under the earlobes or even on the back of the knees... Despite common beliefs,rubbing your wrists together after application is not the way to go. Nor is storing your perfumes in the bathroom. According to several experts, certain rooms in the house are not recommended for the proper preservation of our scents.

Why shouldn't you store your perfumes in the bathroom?

When it comes to perfumes, knowing what suits you is not the most important thing. In fact, there are a number of places in your home where you should never store fragrances. The reason: heat and humidity are the sworn enemies of our perfumes.

Storing your bottles in the bathroom is therefore something to be avoided, starting now. Placed between your toothbrush and cotton buds, on the sink or on a shelf... The consequences remain the same. The outcome could even be worse if your favourite scents are in direct light, be that from a lamp or window. Over time, their scent and color can deteriorate. Especially if the bottle is made of plastic.

Where's the best place to store all your fragrances?

But if humidity is not recommended, where can we store our treasured perfumes? Well, in a suitable place, where the quality of the air cannot alter the essences in your fragrance collection. According to the advice of many professionals in the business, it's best to 'store [all fragrances] in a cool place,away from light and humidity'. This is sometimes even stated on the packaging of perfume bottles. Cupboards, closets or dressing tables are, therefore, ideal places to maintain the intensity of the aromas contained in these little bottles for as long as possible.

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Another tip to keep it intact for years to come? Never shake your perfume bottle before spraying as this can damage the chemical balance of the molecules in the perfume's composition. Seems like a lot of bother for the simple pleasure of smelling good?If you remember one thing, let it be this: store your perfume away from your shower!

How to use expired perfume

Has the scent of your favorite perfume changed over the months or years, or has the color of the liquid itself changed? Here's how to tell if it's actually out of date. As a general rule, professionals recommend using it for three years before it expires.

If it is out of date, it's best to stop wearing it next to your skin to avoid any allergies. But that doesn't mean you can't use it in other ways. Here are a few tips to adopt when one of your fragrances has gone bad. If you don't want to use it to on yourself, you can recycle the spray as an interior diffuser or fragrance oil. The bottle, meanwhile, can be returned to the store or transformed into a decorative object. A simple yet original idea!

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