Sweet, floral, aromatic: Here's the type of perfume you should choose based on your personality

It is often said that the choice of your perfume reflects your personality, and it is totally true! Whether you are sensual, dynamic or romantic, find out which fragrance suits you best.

Here is how to choose your perfume based on your personality
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Here is how to choose your perfume based on your personality

The art of choosing perfume is complex. Between the list of the fragrances' notes, their smell when they come out of the bottle, and the different smell you get when you spray it onto your skin, it can be a bit confusing to get the type of perfume that is just the right one for you.

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Each fragrance is unique depending on the person who wears it. If some seem to stick to your skin, others are not really made for you. So how can you recognize the notes that match your personality? We are here to help you choose the perfume that suits you best.

You can choose between musky, floral, and tangy fragrances

The best perfume for you is the one that feels like you. Like your clothes, you wear your fragrance, it sets you apart from other people, and it is a mean to express to the world the person you are. In a way, it is your signature. As a true beauty essential, your perfume must also give you self-confidence.

One thing is certain, each scent is different and makes a lasting impression. If some prefer fresh scents, others will be tempted by sweeter notes. It all depends on your tastes and personality. Discover which fragrances would suit you best below.

Your perfume reflects your personality Fulvio Ciccolo / Unsplash

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Floral fragrances for romantics

As a helpless romantic, floral notes such as rose, lilac, jasmine, or peony are most likely to please you and bring your personality to the forefront. These soft scents can be worn all year round, but are ideal for spring and summer.

Sweet fragrances for the bold

With the beautiful days coming up, we want to go out more, to take in some fresh air, and to stroll in the local markets with their thousand different colours. Just like the stalls that give off gourmet aromas, sweet and fruity scents are synonymous with spontaneity and good humour. They are perfect for the bold!

Citrus fragrances for the dynamic

Rich in citrus fruits, the hesperides are fresh and sparkling. Lemon, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit... These fragrances smell like summer. They highlight the personality of dynamic people.

Here are some tips to choose the right perfume for you Lucas Mendes / Unsplash

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Aromatic perfumes for the original

Remaining in the fresh fragrances, aromatic perfumes are composed of a tasty cocktail of plants, and sometimes fruits. Very natural, they can be worn regardless of gender (like all perfumes, the important thing is that you like it).

Oriental perfumes for the strong personalities

Finally, strong personalities will prefer scents that reflect them: powerful, with character and sensuality. In this case, lean towards oriental and woody fragrances that bring warmth.

Each personality has got its own favourite fragrance. From the softest to the strongest, it is important to know how to choose the right one and to match it to your skin and your character.

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