There are 11 sex personality types, what's yours?

Did you know that there are different sexual personalities? Identifying your partner's personality may help you improve your relationship.

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In sex as in life, people have different personalities. Sexologist Vanessa Marin has been studying her patients for 15 years and concluded that there are 11 different sexual profiles.

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Everyone has different desires when it comes to sex. She explained to HuffPost:

In the same way that it's important to know what you're looking for in a partner or in a relationship, you need to identify what you want sexually.

Why be interested in sexual personalities? Quite simply because understanding them allows you to better know how to apprehend your partner and to more easily succeed in pleasing them and fulfilling their expectations. This is the key to a more satisfying intimate life. So what are these 11 different personalities described on Vanessa Marin's blog?

The de-stresser

How do you unwind after a good day? For the 'de-stresser' type, the best way is simply to have an orgasm! As we know, orgasm allows you to relax and even to fall asleep faster. However, personalities like this one are more focused on the end game (cumming) than the sex itself.

You may seek sex because you feel tense, or you may simply enjoy spending time basking in the twilight glow when the sex is over.

The explorer

Do you always want to discover new things and/or you definitely don't want to fall into a routine? It could be that you are an 'explorer' type.

You're open to trying something even if you're not sure you'll like it.You can laugh it off if your explorations don't work out in the end.

The egalitarian

Sex and pleasure go both ways. You're willing to put in 100% effort to make sure your partner has fun, but you expect the same in return. If you feel that he or she is not giving as much as you are, you may not take it very well.

You want to know that your partner likes to give as much as you like to receive, and vice versa.

The giver

Some people like to give without expecting anything in return. Your partner's pleasure is more important than your own, and you will do anything to satisfy the person sharing your bed.

Your partner's sexual experience is at least as important as your own, and probably even more so. You pay close attention to your partner's experience and feel good knowing that you can make them feel good.

The guardian

To make love serenely, the guardian needs to feel safe. He will not let his body be touched if his mind is not totally at ease with his partner.

You like to feel that base of security with your partner and yourself.Your boundaries are important to you, as is enthusiastic consent.

The passionate

Without passion, there is no pleasure! This is what people with the passionate personality feel. You allow yourself to be completely carried away by the sex you are having and behave in an almost bestial way at times.

You like the idea of letting yourself go and getting lost in the moment. For you, the best sex is when time seems to have stopped.

The epicurean

Epicureans have a very tactile side that will facilitate relationships. People with this personality only seek pleasure and are not necessarily connected to their feelings. For them, sex is simply a moment to be enjoyed.

You may even be confused about all these different personality types, because you think that sex is just one of those simple pleasures in life. You also enjoy touch and physical contact throughout the day.

The applicant

Sex is no laughing matter with applicants. The act should never be neglected, and this personality is willing to make any sacrifice to stick to it. Sexual routine is not something you worry about, on the contrary.

The romantic

With romantics, the connection with the partner is paramount. Far from passionate, they demand a lot of tenderness, very intimate physical contact and words of love. It is very complicated for them, even unthinkable, to have one-night stands.

The spiritual

Sex should take you to another dimension if you are spiritual. The act pierces you, upsets you.

The thrill seeker

With them, there are no taboos when it comes to sexuality. These personalities are ready to go very far, to experiment with all their fantasies and to play with the limits.

You may enjoy an element of power play in your sex life, such as allowing your partner to dominate you or your partner. While the explorer enjoys exploring for the sake of exploring, you need that sense of taboo.
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