Do You Know What ‘Mindful Sex’ Is?

What is ‘mindful sex?’ Here’s everything you need to know about this technique that will allow you to experience pleasure to the fullest.

Do You Know What ‘Mindful Sex’ Is?
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Do You Know What ‘Mindful Sex’ Is?

When making love, you have to be mentally available so that you can concentrate solely on you and your partner’s bodies, and the rise of pleasure. But it is not always easy to get rid of the everyday worries that we obsess over, and which sometimes become a heavy mental burden to bear.

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As a result, it is rare to be 100% concentrated on our sex lives, and this is a pity because the level of pleasure then decreases... Hence the ‘mindful sex’ technique presented here. In an interview with The Guardian, Kate Moyle, a specialist in sex and relationships, explained the concept:

When people have sexual problems, a lot of the time it’s anxiety-related and they’re not really in their bodies, or in the moment. Mindfulness brings them back into the moment. When people say they’ve had the best sex and you ask them what they were thinking about, they can’t tell you, because they weren’t thinking about anything, they were just enjoying the moment. That’s mindfulness.

How does it work?

Nothing could be simpler: just go to your bathroom. Kate Moyle suggests you jump in the shower and take the time to feel things, such as the sensation of the water on your skin, the temperature…

Listen to the noise, the sensation of the water on your skin, notice any smells, see what the water tastes like, look around you. It’s about refocusing [your] attention on what [you] can feel right now.

The aim, as you have understood, is to refocus your attention on your sensations to get rid of everything else. By doing this, you make yourself 100% available to experience this event. As far as being completely present at the time of sexual intercourse, this is a question of taking certain steps beforehand, such as shutting off your phone, and reconnecting to your and your partner’s bodies.

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