Jeremy Clarkson: The presenter gives gloomy health update

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson spoke to The Sunday Times and decided to give an update on his health.

Jeremy Clarkson health
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Jeremy Clarkson health

Jeremy Clarkson is known for presenting iconic shows like Top Gear and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Clarkson is also famous for his scandalous moments. For instance in 2015, he was removed from Top Gear after punching a producer.

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In June 2023, The Sun had to ‘print a front-page statement explaining that’ Jeremy Clarkson ‘was found to have discriminated against' Meghan Markle. This followed a column in which Clarkson laid out his ‘hatred’ of the Duchess. Other violent comments were made which we do not want to broadcast.

Talking to The Sunday Times in November 2023, the presenter unveils that he is struggling with his health.

Jeremy Clarkson’s health struggle

In his interview, Clarkson reveals that he is at a ‘double risk’ of dementia. This follows the fact that his doctors told him that he now needed to use hearing aids. In the article Clarkson explains:

This has been going on for 12 years and, being a tolerant sort of guy, I’ve coped.


But I was told after my most recent medical that hearing loss will double the chance of me catching dementia.

In The Times Clarkson also said that he had been experiencing ‘blanks in conversation’.

My brain is having to use a huge amount of computing power trying to fill in the bits of speech it hasn’t been able to hear.

The link between dementia and hearing loss

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that studies have proven that there is a link between dementia and hearing loss. In an article they published in August 2023 they write:

Studies have found an association between hearing loss and the development of dementia in older adults.

The NIH also attests that studies are suggesting that the use of hearing aids could help ‘slow the development of cognitive problems’. Results of tests carried out show that ‘people who received the hearing aids reported substantial improvement in communication abilities over the course of the study’.

It is therefore important for ageing people to get their hearing tested regularly.

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