Jeremy Clarkson: The presenter reveals his hidden health scare

In November 2023, the Top Gear actor had opened up about his risk of getting dementia but turns out that wasn’t the most pressing health scare!

Jeremy Clarkson health scare cyst
Jeremy Clarkson health scare cyst

The former Top Gear presenter has once again opened up about his health struggles. Back in November 2023, Jeremy Clarkson had said he was at ‘double risk’ of getting dementia. Indeed, at the time, he had explained that doctors had advised the use of hearing aids.

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Then we had reported on the link between hearing loss and dementia. But now, months later, the controversial man has made another health revelation…

Jeremy Clarkson’s health scare

This new health update is reported by The Sun for whom Clarkson writes a column. In the article we learn that back in October 2023, Clarkson’s doctors found a 5cm cyst on his back.

Though the man was at a luxury wellness resort he actually decided to leave and get the cyst immediately removed. He explains:

Lisa (his wife) took me to a health farm and, well, it was so miserable there that I thought, ‘I’ve got to have this cyst taken out at some point, I may as well go now
So I checked out of the whole place and checked into hospital, because it was more fun having an operation than eating juniper berries all day long

Clarkson added, in typical Clarkson style:

As I lay under the surgeon’s knife, I thought ‘this is preferable’.

The result of this health scare

The Sun reports that fortunately the cyst analysis ended up revealing that it wasn’t cancer. Jeremy Clarkson added:

It was never going to be cancerous though — I wasn’t in the mood.

Clarkson also revealed that after the surgery he had lost a stone. The Sun also reports that the operation was done under complete anesthesia.

The NHS explains that skin cysts are usually harmless. However, they still advise that if you see something appear you should see your GP.

Causes for cysts are varied and the NHS explains that women and middle aged people are more at risk of getting them.

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