Phillip Schofield: This is what the TV presenter has been doing since leaving ITV

Phillip Schofield was dropped by his agents and has since left his TV career behind. What is Schofield up to now?

Phillip Schofield: This is what he has been doing since leaving TV
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Phillip Schofield: This is what he has been doing since leaving TV

ITV is currently being investigated for Phillip Schofield’s affair with a much younger colleague. According to ITV boss Carolyn McCall, Schofield’s lover denied the affair 12 times. ITV is being questioned by parliament concerning safeguarding methods that could have prevented the scandal.

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Phillip Schofield has been pretty quiet since the scandal broke loose, he did give an interview with BBC where he talks about his daughters being his saviour during this dark time.

Carolyn McCall revealed to parliament that she has been in contact with the former This Morning host and that she is ‘deeply concerned’ for his welfare since his fall from fame.

Phillip Schofield is in counselling

According to Mirror, ITV has paid for Phillip Schofield’s counselling. The ITV boss revealed that Schofield is currently in counselling to deal with the trauma of losing his career, as well as having his affair exposed. Schofield continues to deny that he groomed his affair partner.

During his interview with BBC, Phillip revealed he had been having suicidal thoughts and that his daughters refused to leave his side.

Phillip Schofield has opened up about his mental health since the scandal about his affair broke out and how his daughters have really helped him. 💔 You can read more here ➡

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Phillip Schofield to make a comeback to TV?

Andy Barr, CEO of 10 Yetis Digital, has suggested that Phillip Schofield had landed himself a new TV role. According to this source, Schofield would find a future with Talk TV, which is hosted by Piers Morgan, who stood up for Schofield at the beginning.

As reported by Mirror, the Barr said:

TalkTV could be the career rebuilding platform that Schofield needs right now.

Andy Barr told Daily Star that Talk TV was the ‘perfect place’ for Phillip to rebuild his career and added that Phillip could make a comeback if nothing else scandalous is revealed about him:

If the current media spotlight reveals no new allegations then this is entirely recoverable for him and TalkTV could be the perfect place for him to start again in a high profile media environment.

However, Schofield’s lawyer has debunked this theory and told Mirror‘absolutely not as far as I know’ when asked if Schofield was coming back to our screens via Talk TV.

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Phillip Schofield: Here's how the former ITV star has reportedly been doing since the scandal Phillip Schofield: Here's how the former ITV star has reportedly been doing since the scandal