Phillip Schofield makes significant gesture towards Holly Willoughby: Is friendship possible again?

In light of the threats made against Holly Willoughby it is reported that Phillip Schofield has made an attempt to mend their friendship.

Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield
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Holly Willoughby Phillip Schofield

2023 has been really rough for Holly Willoughby. Firstly she was caught in Phillip Schofield’s scandal in May / June 2023. Following his exit from This Morning, Willoughby decided to take some time off.

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However, her return was also controversial and triggered a wave of criticism. Then, her comeback on This Morning after summer break, continued to attract attention. With the rotation of co-hosts, viewers of the show were more than critical and many wondered if the show could go on with Schofield.

Then, in a shocking turn of event, it was revealed that on Wednesday 4 October a man was arrested after being suspected of ‘an alleged international plot to kidnap’ Willoughby.

The plot against Willoughby

On Wednesday 4 October it was revealed that a 36 year old man named Gavin Plumb had been placed in custody after being accused of planning to kidnap Holly Willoughby. On Friday 6 October Plumb was in court and saw the charges against him change.

It was revealed that Plumb didn’t just plan for Willoughby’s kidnapping but that he was also ‘soliciting to commit murder.’ It was also disclosed that Plumb was working with an American for whom he had ‘assembled a kidnap and restraint kit capable of encouraging or assisting the commission of the kidnap of Holly Willoughby’.

Following these revelations it was announced that Willoughby would not be returning to This Morning until further notice and that she had to have police protection at her residence.

Schofield and Willoughby’s rekindled friendship

Following the revelations about the failed plot against her, it was reported that Phillip Schofield had reached out to his former co-host in order to express his support. Could this be a sign of reconciliation between the two?

One can be hopeful as the two were very good friends until late 2022. Indeed, a controversy surrounding their behaviour at Westminster Abbey to see the Queen’s coffin damaged their relationship. Both of them were criticised for skipping the very long line of people waiting to bid goodbye to the monarch.

Rumours of a feud followed them into 2023. Their relationship continued to strain after it was revealed that Phillip Schofield’s brother had sexually abused a young boy. It is believed that Phillip Schofield did not tell Willoughby about the accusations made against his brother or that there was going to be a trial.

Of course, Phillip Schofield encountered his own controversy about an affair he had with a younger member of staff which led him to step down from This Morning and ITV. Since then, the two former friends haven’t been seen together and Schofield unfollowed Willoughby on Instagram.

Him reaching out in a time of crisis after a year where both of them have been under a lot of scrutiny could maybe bring them closer together. A source told Daily Mirror that:

Phil’s decision to reach out, and the welcome it has been received by Holly, shows that there is still a bond there.

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