Phillip Schofield: What could be next for him after ITV released its investigation report?

ITV’s investigation report about Phillip Schofield’s affair was made public yesterday, 7 December 2023. Its results disappointed many but what does it mean for Schofield? We tell you what we know.

Phillip Schofield return
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Phillip Schofield return

TV presenter Phillip Schofield has been part of the news cycle since May 2023 when he made the executive decision to step down from This Morning and ITV. He did so after it was revealed that he had lied about having an affair with a younger member of staff whom he met while he was underage.

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Though Schofield claims the affair was ‘unwise but not illegal’ it didn’t prevent him from losing his entire career. Now that the report is out many are wondering what could be next for the presenter. Will he return to TV or will this story continue to haunt him?

Phillip Schofield’s come back

Mirror reports that the disgraced presenter could make a comeback on radio. They write:

Britain's largest radio stations are said to be trying to bring Phillip onto their stations with a big money deal

According to Mirrora British Broadcasting source believes that ‘now that a line has been drawn in the sand by ITV over the Schofield saga, attention will move on.’

If we were to believe this source it would seem like the report of the investigation marks a clear new beginning for Schofield; a new beginning which could bring in new work.

The source continued:

Within a period of time there is now a place for Phillip to return, possibly not on TV yet, but there are now a myriad of opportunities for him on commercial radio where he will be offered big money to return to his first love.
The KC's report gives him a fresh chance – but nobody will be surprised at all to see that ITV has found itself in the clear as it tries to save This Morning.

Where else could Phillip Schofield work?

It is important to remember that before this whole scandal Phillip Schofield was ITV’s golden boy. He had been hosting This Morning for over 20 years, offering the show some iconic moments.

However, the scandal is believed to have made his return at the channel impossible as he was found to have lied to them for years about the nature of his relationship with this younger member of staff.

Prior to working at ITV, Schofield worked at the BBC where he met his wife. However, this also seems like a career dead end. Indeed, the BBC is itself battling scandals, including Huw Edwards’ which ocurred less than two months after Schofield’s scandal. Moreover, as the expert quoted by Mirror states, a return to the screen so soon seems impossible and unwise.

In the past, Schofield has also tried acting but for the same reason as TV, this doesn’t seem a viable choice.

Radio is something Schofield has worked in before and offers him a sort of shield as it is less popular than This Morning. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he wrote a book about this whole affair which shook the TV industry to its core. But that is just our guess (and maybe hope).

Are you looking forward to having him back in the entertainment landscape?

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