Phillip Schofield’s privacy was allegedly invaded by highly disturbing espionage tactics, investigation reveals

Phillip Schofield had a very difficult 2023, both professionally and personally. As he left This Morning and his affair was exposed, his mother took ill. Now, a journalistic investigation unveils espionage tactics could have been used to get pictures of the presenter.

Phillip Schofield mom George Bamby
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Phillip Schofield mom George Bamby

In 2023, Phillip Schofield made headlines for several months after he resigned from This Morning and ITV. Details about an extramarital affair were released and, having lied about it, the presenter had to put his career on the shelf.

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On top of such a difficult time where he was scrutinised by all, his mother Pat took ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now, months later, Byline Times reveals that espionage tactics were allegedly used against Phillip and Pat Schofield.

Britain’s number 1 paparazzo allegedly spied on Schofield’s mother

On 9 January 2024, Byline Times’ journalists Tom Latchem and Dan Evans, also behind the Dan Wootton investigation, revealed that ‘Britain’s most notorious paparazzo’ used a ‘remote surveillance camera artfully disguised among flowerbed greenery to spy’ on Phillip Schofield’s mother.

In this article, which is referred to as the first in a series, we learn from several sources that photographer George Bamby allegedly monitored the comings and goings of Pat Schofield in order to obtain pictures.

Byline writes:

Its purpose had nothing to do with the public interest. It was there solely to try and make easy unethical cash from the tabloid media.

Adding later on,

Its purpose, according to two sources, was to secretly monitor Pat Schofield’s movements to and from the hospital with her famous son – and allow Bamby to snatch long lens images to sell to the media.

The techniques reportedly used by Bamby included a secret camera ‘encased in a white plastic egg, camouflaged with tufts of grass’ which Phillip Schofield himself found. Sources who spoke to Byline explain that the presence of Bamby ‘alarmed’ Pat Schofield to the point that she ‘she didn’t want to leave the house’ which was necessary as she was having severe health issues.

Moreover, the sources explain that when Schofield confronted the photographer he used that moment to take even more pictures of the presenter. The sources also explain that the alleged techniques used to obtain information were ‘a major nuisance to Pat’.

Bamby is known for his extreme tactics

In the article, readers can also learn that Bamby has been working with tabloids for over 20 years. In this time, he gained the reputation of being willing to ‘push boundaries’. A former colleague of his spoke to Byline and said:

George has always pushed the boundaries of what’s right and ethical. Even among a group of characters as tough as paps, he stood out. His way of doing things has made it harder for all of us.

In a Channel 4 2017 documentary called Confessions of the Paparazzi, Bamby spoke openly about his tactics. For instance he said:

I don’t just take pictures, I make stories. They might not always be true.

Byline also went back to an interview Bamby gave The Times in 2017 where he explained his interest in presenters like Schofield.

People like Phillip [Schofield], Holly [Willoughby], all the Loose Women, Fern Britton, Richard and Judy. It’s easy money. If I can get [them] on the front of Best or Bella? That’s two or three grand.

Unfortunately for Schofield, that greedy interest extended to his mother when both were in a critical time. A source who spoke to Byline made it clear that there probably was no remorse.

Bamby was being a major nuisance to Pat… In the end he went and put the camera in the bush on the private property of Pat’s own development. He wanted pictures of Philip of course, but that meant watching Pat too.
She was collateral damage.

One should note that such techniques are illegal. When contacted by Byline, Bamby stated that he hadn’t been contacted by the police.

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