Dan Wootton: Where did he go after his GB News exit and what his comeback entails

Dan Wootton has been suspended from GB News since the end of September 2023. Now, rumours of his comeback are emerging. Here's everything we know!

Where is Dan Wootton GB News
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Where is Dan Wootton GB News

TW: mention of bullying, sexual abuse, harassment

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Since mid-July 2023, Dan Wootton has been navigating troubled waters. It all started on 12 July when Wootton’s ex partner, Alex Truby, published an X thread revealing that Wootton had been using pseudonyms like Martin Branning in order to catfish colleagues. Truby also said that he found a hard drive with a ‘video of Dan’s supposed friends - a Sun employee - having sex with his boyfriend.’ According to Truby, the video made it clear that it was filmed ‘from afar by a hidden camera.’

Days later, independent publication Byline Times released the first article of their series on Dan Wootton. The publication had been investigating the presenter for three years. Their articles accused and presented evidence that Wootton was catfishing, sexually harassing and bullying while working at The Sun.

But that is not the story that got him removed from GB News. Wootton was suspended on 27 September after Laurence Fox’ 'sexist rant' on his show. Since then, Wootton had stayed mute... Now rumours of a comeback on screens are emerging!

Dan Wootton - the most ignored topic in entertainment

Silence has been Wootton's preferred weapon since the beginning of the scandal that surrounds him. In July, he gave a short statement on his GB News show where he denied all accusations made by Truby and Byline before keeping silent on the whole story.

Now that he’s been suspended from GB News and laid off by Mail Online, Wootton is mainly choosing the same approach. For a very long time, his last X activity was a tweet apologising after Laurence Fox’ controversial words. That was unusual as, prior to the incidents, Wootton had been an active user of X, posting every single day.

Not only was Dan Wootton remaining silent, but so were the tabloids and newspapers. Since his suspension from GB News, only Byline has continued its reporting and investigating. On Google News, typing Dan Wootton’s name will pull up articles that are old or unrelated to the allegations of catfishing and bullying made against him.

However, viewers of GB News haven’t forgotten about him. Since September, they have been continuously asking about him and attacking the TV channel for its decision to suspend him. Some tweets read:

Who cares what or how those two think or feel about anything? They have no credibility, and neither do you GBNEWS after your pathetic firing of Laurence Fox and Calvin Robinson and suspension of Dan Wootton.
@danwootton when are you coming back to GB News? The 9 o'clock slot is not the same without you. PLEASE come back soon!
@GBNEWS will @danwootton be on air tomorrow?

Where did Dan Wootton go since his suspension?

On Sunday 5 November, fellow suspended GB News presenter Calvin Robinson shared pictures on X of his ordination. In those pictures viewers were surprised to recognise a familiar face: Dan Wootton. The disgraced presenter's rare public outing since being suspended was unexpected. However, even though he attended the church service, at the time, Wootton still chose to not comment on his suspension or the accusations.

On Monday 13 November, GB News released a statement announcing that Dan Wootton's 9pm slot had been filled. Patrick Christys is now hosting the Patrick Christys Show 'until further notice'. Though this is not an official replacement, this could be understood as the channel's way to distance themselves from Wootton.

So far, neither Wootton or GB News have commented on the statement. However, Wootton came back on X by reposting since 11 November. Part of those reposts is the only nod to his suspension we got. The post is from 30 November and says:

Picture the scene.
GBNEWS internal meeting.
“So, our ratings have tanked after suspending Dan Wootton for laughing, then we pissed off even more ppl by hiring a former PM we spent the last 2 years slagging off. Anyone have any bright ideas?”
“How bout a show with Peter Andre?”

Finally, around Christmas, Dan Wootton shared a video with his X community. In that message he thanked them for their ongoing support but he also hinted at a 2024 comeback. In the video he also seems to address the rumours that claimed he was moving back to New Zealand and/or Scotland.

Do not believe the rumours. I am back on a plane to the UK in 2024.

While the details of his comeback are still vague one thing is for sure: Dan Wootton made no mention of GB News in his message. As a matter of fact, Byline Times reports that the channel's bosses are 'trying to be as fair and rigorous as they can be’ in their investigation.

Threats made against publications

Even though Dan Wootton has mostly remained silent, it appears that his legal team hasn't. Since his departure from GB News on 27 September, it is reported that publications such as The Guardian and Mirror have removed their articles about the presenter after receiving threats from his lawyers.

On 4 October, Byline reported that newspapers weren’t the only ones receiving legal threats.

At least two individuals with substantial followings on X (formerly Twitter) received the following warning from Wootton’s legal firm, Griffin Law, for sharing the stories.

The threats to take publications to court have not stopped Byline from publishing and even though Wootton remains silent many do wonder what will happen next. So far, not much is known. We can only say for certain that Wootton is suspended or fired from both his jobs (GB News and Mail Online) and that the police are investigating the claims made against him.

We can also suppose that it will be difficult for Wootton to return to former places of employment. ITV is not likely to want him back and The Sun is investigating him.

Dan Wootton's return

On 17 January 2023, Byline Times reported that Wootton's return was planned to happen on the 'free speech' platform Rumble.

Byline explains that they have spoken to three sources who allegedly have 'knowledge of Wootton’s vision for his future. One said:

Dan has had to acknowledge that his broadcasting career is in limbo and that he may need to go his own way. Rumble is the preferred platform, as it would allow him to make money from adverts and crowdfunding.

Another source speaking to Byline suggested that Wootton might consider a partnership with Calvin Robinson who was also suspended in September 2023.

On 5 March 2024, a statement finally announced Dan Wootton's official exit from GB News. In the same announcement, the journalist announced the launch of his own 'independent platform': Outspoken.

The link to his new platform is available on Wootton's X profile. On the site you will find a lengthy introduction of his 'mission'. Fans on Wootton can also expect a 'brand new daily show' later on in 2024.

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