Dan Wootton hints at what’s next in 2024 as his £1.8 million house is reportedly for sale

Since the end of September, GB News presenter Dan Wootton has been suspended from the channel. Wootton has been practically mute about the whole thing but in December, Byline Times continued to report on the ongoing investigation...

Dan Wootton's £1.8 million house reportedly for sale as presenter hints at 2024 return
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Dan Wootton's £1.8 million house reportedly for sale as presenter hints at 2024 return

2023 was not Dan Wootton’s best year. Indeed, even though his GB News show running Monday through Thursday was highly popular, in July things went awry. His ex partner Alex Truby, through a thread of posts on X, alleged that Dan Wootton has been using aliases like Martin Branning to catfish colleagues.

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Then, a few days later, Byline Times started publishing their series of articles exposing Wootton’s catfishing, sexual harassment and general misbehaviour. For months, the whole story went almost unnoticed except for Wootton’s initial address on his show.

In September 2023, in a surprise acceleration of events, Dan Wootton was suspended from GB News following what was called a ‘sexist rant’ by Laurence Fox on his show. Now, months later, Wootton has been keeping a very low profile. But it hasn't stopped new information from coming out.

Dan Wootton’s house reportedly for sale

In their article from 14 December 2023, Byline Times reported that Dan Wootton’s south-east London house was listed for sale back in September. They also reveal that the house is on the market for £1.8 million.

This revelation comes after it was rumoured that the presenter would be moving back to his homeland of New Zealand or move to Scotland after the scandal with Laurence Fox unfolded. Of course, Wootton and/or his team haven’t commented on the matter.

Dan Wootton hints at a return in 2024

When Dan Wootton was suspended from GB News in September, we wrote a piece about what could happen to him next. We speculated using his previous employments and where he stood with them.

At the time, things looked a bit grim as Mail Online ended their collaboration, The Sun was conducting an investigation and so was GB News. Moreover, it was unlikely that Wootton would return to ITV as the channel is already dealing with scandals of its own. Wootton is also being investigated by the Met Police.

But around Christmas, Wootton shared with his supporters a short video wishing them a happy holiday. In said video he stated that he would be back in 2024. Wootton seems to directly address the rumours saying that he is moving back to New Zealand when he says:

Do not believe the rumours. I am back on a plane to the UK in 2024.

He also thanks his supporters for standing by him throughout ‘a really difficult few months’. It is true that his fans have, with unwavering energy, called out GB News for their treatment of their star presenter. They have also repeatedly asked for an update on the situation. And, as much as the channel has remained silent, actions speak louder than words.

Will Dan Wootton be back on GB News?

In November 2023, GB News released a statement announcing that Patrick Christys would be taking over Wootton’s 9pm slot ‘until further notice’. However, since Wootton is still suspended, his future at the channel still technically hangs in the air.

A source speaking to Byline explains ‘the bosses at GB News are trying to be as fair and rigorous as they can be’ in order to not be liable in case of a legal battle.

In his video Wootton makes no mention of GB News but says that it has been ‘trying being silenced’. But, though he addresses the hardships on 2023, Wootton asserts, quite convincingly:

I will be back.

And then ends by telling his fans:

Keep the debate going because I’m going to need you in 2024.

What do you think the presenter has in store for the coming year?

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