Dan Wootton suspended after Laurence Fox exposes him and GB News in shocking new tweets

Laurence Fox gave a 'sexist' rant against journalist Ava Evans on Dan Wooton’s show on 26 September. Fox now suspended by GB News is revealing what might have happened behind the scenes.

Laurence Fox exposes Dan Wootton and GB News in shocking new tweets
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Laurence Fox exposes Dan Wootton and GB News in shocking new tweets

TW: mentions of suicide, bullying, sexual abuse, harassment

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Last night, on 26 September 2023, Dan Wootton welcomed Laurence Fox, another presenter on GB News, onto his show to comment on journalist Ava Evans' comment regarding the increasing rate of men suicide.

Fox’s rant was labelled sexist by many as he clearly says that Santina’s views mean that men wouldn’t want to ‘sh*g’ her.

Since the segment has been reported to Ofcom, GB News announced that they have ‘formally suspended Laurence Fox while (they) continue (their) investigation into comments he made on the channel last night.’

Dan Wootton, present during Fox’s statements, took to X to apologise to viewers and directly to Ava Evans. However, X users seem to be very sceptical of Wootton’s apology.

Laurence Fox on his end has started sharing screenshots of conversations he alleges are with both Wootton and GB News.

It appears like Fox won’t be thrown under the bus all by himself…

Laurence Fox fights back after being thrown under the bus

After his comments on Dan Wootton’s show on 26 September, Fox learnt that he was going to be suspended from GB News. He also learnt that he was going to be investigated by the channel.

Though the suspension must not be the most welcomed, this is not what Fox is fighting against. Indeed, it appears that both Wootton and GB News are blaming the whole situation on him, acting as if they were blindsided by Fox’s statements.

On X, on 27 September, Fox has decided to fight back and is now publishing screenshots of conversations which he suggests are with Dan Wootton and GB News. However, we must be cautious regarding the screenshots as there is no way to verify who the phone number belongs to.

Could Laurence Fox be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Dan Wootton?

In his screenshots, we are led to understand that both Wootton and GB News knew exactly what Fox was going to be talking about. If this is true, this would mean that Wootton and GB News are lying when saying they were taken by surprise by Fox’s rant.

Without speculating too much, these new revelations may have the potential to bring Wootton down. Indeed, now that he and GB News have thrown an insider under the bus, what stops Fox from revealing more things about them?

What does Laurence Fox know about Dan Wootton and could Wootton’s behaviour lead Fox to reveal more things about him? Could this scandal make its way into the Byline’s investigation?

And more importantly, how will GB News manage to get out of this while Ofcom and MPs are on the lookout?

Finally, why is GB News choosing to suspend Laurence Fox while still refusing to act on the Dan Wootton accusations? Of course, the Fox happened directly on the channel but shouldn't they also have a duty to look into the global behaviour of their employees outside of work? At least, this is what Dame Caroline Dinenage, Chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, has asked about in a letter she sent to GB News' boss on 19 September.

Dan Wootton and GB News already under scrutiny

GB News really didn't need a new scandal and this new controversial segment couldn't be more badly timed. It happening on Dan Wootton’s show is also less than ideal and for good reason.

Since July 2023, Dan Wootton has been at the heart of a scandal covered by independent publication Byline Times. The publication alleges that Wootton has catfished former colleagues into getting explicit content without their consent. They also accuse and provide some evidence that Wootton bullied and harassed colleagues while working at The Sun.

While at the moment he isn’t charged with anything criminal, many are wondering why he is still on air especially when comparing him to other presenters like Phillip Schofield or Huw Edwards.

Furthermore, Dame Caroline Dinenage's letter we mention above asked of GB News to provide a clear path of action concerning the allegations against Dan Wootton. She also questioned the channel’s ‘impartiality’ and ‘professionalism’ after Beverley Turner was seen on screen and online defending Russell Brand.

As we finish writing this article, Dan Wootton has been suspended from GB News.

This story is still ongoing and we will continue to cover it.

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