Dan Wootton could be faking his whole 'hard-right' personality on GB News, close source reveals

New revelations about Dan Wootton have been released by Byline Times and they are questioning the GB News’ presenter ‘far right’ persona.

Dan Wootton could be faking his whole 'hard-right' personality on GB News, close source reveals
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Dan Wootton could be faking his whole 'hard-right' personality on GB News, close source reveals

Revelations about Dan Wootton have been ongoing since Byline Times released their first article on Thursday 17 July when they alleged that the GB News presenter was using the name ‘Martin Branning’ used to catfishformer colleagues.

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According to Byline, the alias was set up to get explicit videos of his colleagues without always getting their consent. It was also revealed that while he worked at The Sun, Dan Wootton had been seen 'bullying' and 'harassing' co-workers, specifically on the basis of their sexual orientation. Finally, so far, Bylinealleges that his misconduct lasted for ten years.

In their newest article, published in the evening of 1 August, Byline talks to Alex Truby, Dan Wootton’s ex-partner who also made revelations about the presenter.

Dan Wootton was changed by working for Murdoch

In their newest piece, Byline opted to give a platform to Alex Truby. As mentioned above, Truby is Dan Wootton’s ex-partner as the two dated between 2009 and 2013. In a X thread published on 12 July, Truby reveals that he found a hard-drive hidden behind Wootton’s washing machine. On said hard-drive, that is where he discovered the persona of ‘Martin Branning.’

While Alex Truby’s X thread is already quite extensive and has reached over 8 million people, his interview in Byline offers him a new, more credible platform, to share his experience with Wootton as well as new details about the scandal.

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Dan Wootton’s ruthless ambition

According to Alex Truby, Dan Wootton changed through the course of their relationship and he blames his ex joining News of the World, Ruper Murdoch’s dead tabloid.

He explains that at first, their relationship wasn’t romantic. Instead they were ‘best mates.’ Truby says that when he first met Wootton, the journalist had just arrived from New Zealand (his home land). Quickly the two became close friends but things changed when Truby broke up with his partner.

He says:

he put me under immediate pressure to move things forward with him. I was asking for time and space, but I got ultimatums. I was put in a position. He said ‘we either get together or I’m gone from your life completely'
I just found myself tumbling into this relationship with Dan

But while this was already a massive change in their relationship, it only got worse when Dan Wootton joined Murdoch’s publication.

He explains:

working for Murdoch, that environment – which was very ruthless, very cut-throat, very competitive for the biggest stories – changed him.
It enabled the worst parts of him and amplified them.

Truby also talks about how Dan Wootton quickly became obsessed with having his articles on the front page and that it took over his whole life. However, while he blamed the work culture within News of the World, he also believes that Wootton had it in him to employ ‘bad tactics.’

I think, by nature, you’re either capable of that kind of level of ruthlessness or not. Something came together there. There was pressure and, because of his ambition, he was capable of it.

Dan Wootton is faking it on GB News

The biggest piece of information to come out of the Byline article is the accusation regarding Dan Wootton far-right journalist persona. In his interview, Alex Truby alleges that the behaviour Wootton assumes every night on GB News is not his real personality.

In order to support his argument he says:

When I knew him, his politics were centre-to-centre-left

More than that, Alex Truby says that when they met one of Dan Wootton’s biggest achievements was ‘interviewing Helen Clark when she was a Labour Prime Minister in New Zealand.’

While people change, that is undeniable, something that Alex Truby also mentions is his upbringing. He shares with Byline that Dan Wootton’s family is ‘liberal.’

He continues:

His family are educators. When I knew him, his politics were the same as theirs. I never got an inkling from him that he would ever align himself with the hard-right

Knowing Dan Wootton’s family offers Alex Truby a unique perspective on the presenter’s career path. This leads him to believe that:

I think he is faking it on GB News

The reason for that? Well according to Alex Truby, Dan Wootton would be doing it for the money but also because he knows he ‘burnt so many bridges in the mainstream media.’

So far, on 2 August, all allegations against Dan Wootton have been denied by him and GB News is choosing to keep him on air every night.

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