'Long may it continue': GB news backed by politicians as 5 more employees accused of sexual misconduct

GB News is under scrutiny as more presenters are accused of sexual misconduct but some politicians have come forward in support.

Truss and Patel's astonishing statement as 5 more GB News employees accused of sexual misconduct
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Truss and Patel's astonishing statement as 5 more GB News employees accused of sexual misconduct

TW: mentions of rape, sexual harassment, groping

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Since the beginning of its existence GB News has been controversial. As the channel markets itself as the home of free speech, it was bound to happen. However, that also comes at a price.

Many controversies have rocked the channel’s short life. As a reminder, GB News has only been alive since June 2021. In what we believe to be a fair assessment, we can say that the controversies at GB News culminated in September 2023 when Laurence Fox held a ‘sexist’ speech on Dan Wootton’s show.

Since then, GB News has been on a purge and has suspended three of its presenters including Fox and Wootton. That might not be enough as new allegations against five other men working at the channel have come out.

GB News faces new allegations

Byline Timeshas been releasing articles investigating GB News for a while. The independent publication entered the spotlight in July 2023 when it started a series on the misconduct of GB News presenter Dan Wootton.

The allegations against Wootton are very serious and it was announced on 2 October that the police are investigating. In a statement they said:

In June 2023, the Metropolitan police was contacted with regard to allegations of sexual offences committed by a man aged in his 40s.


Officers assessed all information available to establish whether any criminal offence has taken place. We can confirm that an investigation has now commenced into these allegations.

On top of accusations against Dan Wootton, it was revealed by Byline Times on 2 October that five more men at GB News, including its CEO Angelos Frangopoulos, have been accused of ‘sexual impropriety.’Byline explains that three of the men accused of sexual misconduct had to leave previous jobs because of these incidents.

According to Bylineit is unclear whether or not these accusations were considered when the three men joined GB News. One of the men is accused of raping a junior colleague at his previous job. An anonymous source spoke to Byline claiming:

the details of the allegation were known to people within GB News when the man was given a new job there.

The second man is Darren Grimes who is accused of ‘sexual harassment’ against a junior straight male colleague. This was taking place at GB News and though at first Grimes was suspended, he came back on air after Dan Wootton defended him. A source stated to Byline that:

the senior editorial players just couldn’t, or wouldn’t, see the problem with it. They didn’t want to accept there was a problem with their on-screen talent. It was minimised until journalists started threatening to quit their jobs, and then it eventually went to HR.

The third man accused by Byline is unnamed but we know he is accused of ‘groping women at work parties’ which led to him having to leave his previous employment.

The fourth GB News employee is accused of several instances of inappropriately touching a female colleague as well as sexually harassing her. Lastly, the CEO of GB News himself, Angelos Frangopoulos is accused of ‘sexual harassment’ and Byline revealed that this case was settled for a five-figure sum followed by the signature of non-disclosure agreements.

‘Long may it continue’

In the midst of all this heat, GB News seems to be able to count on the support of some politicians.

The 2023 Tory conference is taking place between 1 and 4 October. This is the time for Tory leaders to make speeches and leave a mark. However, while this was scheduled to be a typical political event, some politicians have used the conference as a platform to express their support of GB News.

The first one to do so is Priti Patel. In her speech the former Home Secretary took the time to thank GB News for ‘everything (they) do’ after welcoming the ‘newest, most successful, most dynamic, no nonsense news station and the defenders of free speech.’ She also called the people at GB News her ‘friends’.

The second supporter of GB News is former Prime Minister Liz Truss. Just like Patel, Truss thanked GB News for their work. She added that she wishes for the channel to continue, a contrasting view as last week, MPs from all sides were calling for GB News to be axed.

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