Dan Wootton: GB News is moving on as another presenter appears to replace him

Though both GB News and Dan Wootton remain mute about the future of the presenter at the channel it appears like things are moving along.

Dan Wootton GB News Patcik Christys
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Dan Wootton GB News Patcik Christys

Dan Wootton, once a star of GB News with a show running from Monday to Thursday evenings, has been suspended since the end of September 2023. This suspension occurred after Dan Wootton received actor turned politician Laurence Fox on his show. During the segment, Fox criticised political journalist Ava Evans in a sexist and derogatory way.

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At first Wootton tried to distance himself from Fox, but the latter exposed direct messages which showed that Wootton knew what was going to be said on his show. This followed months of reporting by Byline Times about Wootton’s alleged bullying, harassment and catfishing.

After more than a month of silence on Wootton’s fate, GB News released a statement.

Dan Wootton’s slot is filled

In a statement released on 13 November, just hours before the change occurred, GB News announced that Patrick Christys would be hosting the Patrick Christys Show. This show officially fills ‘the channel’s 9pm prime time programme’. This time slot used to be Dan Wootton’s.

However, GB News hasn’t confirmed that they are replacing Wootton. They instead opted to write that Patrick Christys’ show would fill in the slot ‘until further notice.’

With this move, it can be understood that GB News is, without addressing the problem directly, showing viewers and the media that they are moving away from Wootton and have found a way to fill the gap he left.

GB News Dan Woottin Patrick Christys GB News

Viewers of GB News might not tune in

Patrick Christys took to X to share his excitement. He wrote:

Thank you to all the wonderful viewers and listeners that have made my time at @GBNEWS so magical. I will be doing the 9-11pm show, Patrick Christys Tonight, until further notice. I can promise you that I will give it my all ❤️

Under this tweet viewers of GB News who are familiar with Christys have let him know that they might not tune in. Indeed, several of them express their disappointment at the way Dan Wootton has been treated by the channel. For some, his suspension is the channel’s way to give in to pressure.

Users say:

I like you Patrick, watched you all the time before your pathetic management buckled to the mob. I won’t watch a channel that holds little to 0 respect for its viewers!
Well done Patrick, fully deserved. Not keen on the way the channel has handed the Dan Wooton situation but you have been brilliant in the afternoon slot and I enjoyed Friday Night Feast. Best of luck to you mate!
There is too much cloak & dagger around the show & the channel now for me, I'm afraid. Shoddy treatment of Dan and shoddy treatment of the viewers who are clearly expendable in the eyes of @GBNEWS You were one of my favourite presenters. Good luck, your bosses are using you as. a fig leaf.They would do the same to you in a heart beat so be careful and be ready.
Big fan Patrick but we need Dan back in that time slot

Dan Wootton has not addressed the announcement but he appears to be back on X since 11 November. Indeed, retweets from that day are present on his profile.

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