Dan Wootton makes a rare nod to his suspension: What does this mean for his future at GB News?

Presenter Dan Wootton may have kept quiet until now about his suspension from GB News but he recently changed his mind. What does this mean for his future at the channel?

Dan Wootton addressed suspension from GB News
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Dan Wootton addressed suspension from GB News

TW: mention of bullying, sexual abuse, harassment

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Dan Wootton has been in the midst of a mediatic storm ever since mid July 2023. It started when on 12 July his ex-partner, Alex Truby, published an X thread alluding to Wootton using aliases like Martin Branning. Very shortly after that, independent publication Byline Times published the first instalment of a series of articles about the journalist.

In their articles, Byline showcased pieces of evidence pointing at the possibility of Wootton showing extreme misbehaviour. The publication alleged that Wootton had catfished former colleagues, plotted to have recordings of his colleagues engaging in sexual activity and sexually harassed people.

His suspension from GB News came at the end of September 2023 and since then both the channel and Wootton have remained mute about it. Well, until now…

Dan Wootton’s nod at his suspension

This happened on X which Dan Wootton has started using again on 11 November. However, his X usage is not what it used to be. Indeed, Wootton only reposts.

It’s through one of those reposts that the journalist addressed, for what we believe the first time, his suspension. The post read:

Picture the scene.
GBNEWS internal meeting.
“So, our ratings have tanked after suspending Dan Wootton for laughing, then we pissed off even more ppl by hiring a former PM we spent the last 2 years slagging off. Anyone have any bright ideas?”
“How bout a show with Peter Andre?”

Wootton didn’t add anything to the tweet but that was enough.

What could this mean for Wootton’s future at GB News?

Of course we cannot give a definite answer as we are not privy to any conversation that happens behind closed doors. That being said, we can speculate using the different events that have taken place since Dan Wootton’s suspension on 29 November.

First of all, it is worth noting that after his suspension, Dan Wootton’s allies at GB News were also removed. The most notable one is of course Calvin Robinson who was fired after taking to X to stand by Wootton. Contrary to Wootton who is only suspended, Robinson’s final exit makes it easier for him to openly and vehemently criticise GB News.

Moreover, Robinson and Wootton have remained in contact and Wootton made his only public appearance attending the church service for Robinson’s ordination.

Then, very quickly Wootton’s slot was filled by someone else. In the beginning it was Mark Dolan who stepped in but on 13 November, GB News released an official statement announcing that Patrick Christys would be ‘until further notice’ filling the 9pm slot Monday through Thursday.

Even though this placement is marketed as a temporary fix it feels like it would be very difficult for Dan Wootton to come back. Indeed, with his recent repost he is seen as criticising GB News’ decision to put him to the side. Moreover, how long will the presenter be satisfied with being in limbo when it comes to his future?

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Dan Wootton: The GB News presenter spotted on a rare public outing since suspension Dan Wootton: The GB News presenter spotted on a rare public outing since suspension